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Internet and computer have changed the way marketing is done and brands tap potential customers. This become even more evident in the field of brand promotion where brands and companies are relying much on the digital mode of marketing compared to the traditional mode. The need of an efficient and capable digital marketing campaign necessitates the requirement of a professional SEO Company that could do justice with the time and money invested by the client.

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Know Internet Marketing/Search Engine Marketing First:

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Men tweet more to complain than women

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How to Create an Effective Contact Form ??

An essential element that creates a bridge between website owners and their customers is a good contact form. It creates a pathway for you to receive suggestions, feedback, and sell your products and/or services.

There are several key components that must be included in even the most basic form. These include fields for the sender’s name, ways to get in touch with them, and a message. A clear send or submit button should also be included. A quick failure will be guaranteed if you do not meet these basic requirements. The form should be short and to the point. It should not be too lengthy. A user will most likely abandon ship if too much is required.

Your contact form should be structured in a simple format which leads from who is sending the message to what they say or ask for. A complicated form will lead to confusion and a failed attempt to contact you. Offering a tab through is extremely helpful and is vitally important for your form to be effective. For instance, do not structure your form so that if a user tabs from one field to what they expect to be the next field instead brings them to the page header.

Submission of the form is another key component that must not be overlooked. You must consider your audience when choosing your “send” button. “Send” and “submit” are the two most common choices. Once their message has been submitted, a user will expect confirmation that the action was successful and that their message has been received. A message such as “Thank you – your message has been sent” will leave the user feeling confident about their action.

In order to avoid the total loss of communication between you and a user, you must offer additional ways to contact you by including your address and phone number.

In conclusion, a contact form should make it easy and pleasurable for a customer to contact you. Incorporating these basic components will increase the chances of them getting through to you and may lead to a sale or networking opportunity.

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The arena of search has changed a lot and there is a need for webmasters and search engine optimizers to consider it more consciously and attentively. The advent of Google Penguin Update has revolutionized and changed the way search engine optimization is done to websites and portals. Gone are those days when a bunch of links and forum posting could help you achieve the desired spot in search engine result page. The scenario has changed totally and there is a need to do SEO constructively and fairly and here come the need of an SEO Expert Company that is well-acquainted with all the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization.

Put curbs on Facebook, mobiles to protect girls

MUMBAI: The Dharmadhikari panel, in its third interim report to the state government, has suggested placing restrictions on social networking sites as they "corrupt adolescents". 

A copy of the January 16, 2013, report with 31 recommendations was submitted to a Bombay high court division bench of Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice Anoop Mohta on Thursday. The committee, headed by retired high court judge Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari, was constituted by the government to recommend measures to curb atrocities against women. 

The panel, interestingly, has recommended enlisting men who train at akhadas and gymnasiums for protection of women. "This needs to be given a serious thought,'' it said. 

The report, in Marathi, says there should be restrictions on "networking, Facebook, mobile phone and vulgar and indecent conversations and exchange of pictures". This trend has increased among adolescents, which has been revealed by a recent survey, the report said. Another measure to ensure women's safety, it said, would be to publish and upload on websites the names and details of people convicted by courts for atrocities on women. 

It suggested putting up such details on an independent website and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. "This is mainly to create awareness and prohibit such crimes," the panel said. 

The Dharmadhikari committee also recommended the prosecution of those who witness atrocities but do nothing. The report said some people do not even inform the police on helplines and remain mute spectators, which helps the criminal. "Just being a mute spectator is a crime. Such persons should be considered as accused and similar provisions should be in the law to consider them as so. It seems that crimes take place due to silent consent of such people,'' it said. The report stated that the Constitution mentions that it is the duty of every Indian to protect women. It recommended amending section 39 (public to give information of certain offences) of the CrPC and sections 177 (furnishing false information) and 202 (intentional omission to give information by person bound to inform) of the IPC. 

Also suggested was a ban on advertisements depicting women indecently. "Western countries have started the depiction of men also in advertisments. In our country, this has started,'' it stated. The law against obscene depiction of women was created to curb the practice. "It is for this reason this law must be implemented and further amendments must be made if required,'' the committee recommended. 

The committee suggested setting up of an independent authority to see that laws are strictly implemented and has referred to the Chief Justice of India's comment that had the law on tinted glasses been followed, the Delhi rape case would have been avoided. 

Among other recommendations are amending the law to make stalking and blackmailing serious offences in line with that done in US, and certain states like Tamil Nadu and Orissa. It suggested thought be giving to one-sided talaaq, as expressed by the Supreme Court. It also felt political parties should not give tickets to candidates involved in offences against women.

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Pitching to clients and potential customer is not a cakewalk it requires deep experience and extensive practice. Truth, simplicity and smartness are some attributes that are needed a lot in this profession. The way you pitch to clients say much about the business you are doing. The level of confidence, your level of intelligence, level of communication and body language speaks much about the business you are in. It will tell your prospects and customer how serious you are about your business, what is the level of expertise you have and whether they should continue with you or not. With this article we have come-up with some ways that could help individuals and people pitch their customers in a more effective and potent way.
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