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I think the Note 7 failed because it should've been named the Note 6 in the first place! You can't just skip around like that, it disrupts the balance of the universe! ´╗┐

I'm still here´╗┐

I need that Galaxy S7 whenever it becomes available.´╗┐

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Awesome app Google´╗┐

What's the business G+? Been a while, thought I would drop a line´╗┐

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Gotta love the customizability of Android ´╗┐

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I need that´╗┐

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#Dope ´╗┐
After #Samsung's initial announcement of the #GalaxyS6 back in March, today the company confirmed that it's finally begun shipping the Blue Topaz version of the GS6 and the Green Emerald GS6 edge. Which of these two versions of Samsung's #Android flagship do you think looks better?´╗┐

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Android > iOS ´╗┐
Funny when I did my video 10 Things Galaxy S6 can do the iPhone 6 Can't. ┬áPeople kept saying that nobody uses NFC and it wasn't important on a phone. ┬áThough I personally wouldn't use such buttons, It's a cool product nonetheless and can be useful.´╗┐
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