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Realm of the Senses
Gazing through the sheets of torrential rain, I gazed up at
the impressive rock mass of The Shelterstone crag.  I was a young keen teenager out bagging the
Munro Beinn Mheadhoin on a horrible wet Saturday in July. A bit like today.  I can still vividly reme...

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A bit of Trad followed by some old fashioned mountaineering Part 2
Guy Steven had me booked in for a weekends climbing months
in advance.  With Guy training to become
a Guide, he has learnt the ability to look into the future and predict the mint
weather.  Well this 2 day weekend grew arms and legs and became a 5
day trip....

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A bit of trad followed by some old fashioned mountaineering Part 1
I must have be swapping hands, swapping sides, shifting body
positions, upping and downing for at least half an hour.  The sweat was pouring out, my mouth was dry
and I felt rather puzzled.  Holding the
ropes was a young Peter Herd.  He was sat
back, strapp...

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Wrapping the (what?) winter up.
There was no wading about knee deep in a bog this time.  Just rain in the face and sweat.  I’m sure we are all aware that this winter has been rather
challenging in terms of winter conditions. 
To be fair, motivated folk have who have bothered their backsid...

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Scottish Winter Climbing at its finest
It’s dark, it’s cold and I am floundering around in a
bog.  The weight of my winter bag pushing
me down as I flail desperately to swim ashore. 
Andy looked away and never said anything.  If it was me, I would have been buckling with
laughter inside.  But I ...

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Avoiding a second lashing from The Vicar
As much as everyone is grumbling about this poor winter, I’m actually loving it.  I am facing my weakness of bouldering head on and am now actually making the odd dynamic move.  In saying that, I did in fact wet myself (you may wish to refer to my last blog...

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Arching my back, straining my neck, I could see Pete in the
upper part of the continuation chimney of ‘The Hoarmaster (VI,6)’. As he waves
back to say he is all right, I’m shouting ‘Hurry the fuck up’ deep from inside
my belay jacket.   But unfortunately he...

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Patience...It's not over yet!
Shaking out above the crux of ‘Ride the Wild Surf‘ E4 6a,
I took a moment to absorb my surroundings. Autumn had certainly arrived in
North Wales. The wonderful burnt colour of the hillside reflecting the light
from the low setting sun was magical.  A
few mo...

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Lay backing my Way into trouble
The Chief  Lay Backing “Climbing up by pushing the feet
away from the body and pulling the hands towards the body” (The BMC) The resistance of the tag line was the last thing I wanted.  Resistance as a percentage was 100%.  It was slammed on like an emergen...

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I think most of us would agree, our weather over the last
few weeks has been pretty good.  My trad
climbing this year has had a bit of a slow start.  After returning from a great trip to St Leger
in the south of France, I just assumed I would get straight b...
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