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Ada Bloodlace
Skater with Steel City Derby Demons
Skater with Steel City Derby Demons

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Last home game of the Hurtin season is tomorrow night! I am on the roster for it. We play Naptown Roller Girls (Indianapolis), in what we expect to be an intense game!

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As you may have heard, fate finally caught up with me in September and I broke my wrist at practice. I had my first full-contact practice since my injury last night, and I'm excited to be back in the game!

Believe it or not, it has been an entire year since I've played more than a few minutes in a bout at home. If you've been wanting to come see me play and waiting until you knew I was going to be on the track, now's your chance! My next game is Sunday, January 26. My home team, the Penn Bruisers, will be playing the Allegheny Avengers in what I expect to be an exciting game.

If you see me, I have paper tickets at $10 each, or you can buy online.

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The Steel Hurtin was invited to the Division 1 WFTDA tournament in Asheville, NC in September to play against some of the best teams in the world! We have been watching game footage of our opponents and scheduling extra practices to be our best for it, so it should be quite a showing.

Want to help my team get there? You can come to a fancy dinner with us at E2 (don't worry, we shower before serving food)

Or come to SCRD Karaoke Night:

Or support us on our gofundme account (Every little bit helps!):

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Last home game of the travel season this Saturday! Steel City will be playing the Ohio Roller Girls. This is likely to be the most exciting at-home game this season. (For reference, last month both teams played Philly-- we lost 195-176, and Ohio lost 194-169).

I'm sadly going to miss it, but if you want to enjoy it for me, you can get tickets online:

(Or, I have a couple tickets in my possession if you catch me today or tomorrow.)

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Check it out- I'm the poster girl this month.

Anyone who buys a ticket for our May 11 bout will receive a free Ada Bloodlace autographed handbill. Advance tickets are $10, see me in person or buy online

Steel City Roller Derby is in the midst of our annual donation drive. We have an exciting season ahead, and donations will help fund travel to away games in Columbus OH, Bloomington IN, and tournament season in the fall, as well as help pay for uniforms and keep the lights on. We have amazing skaters from a variety of backgrounds, some of whom can only go to away games because the league offsets their travel costs (And we're pretty scrappy with travel. We carpool and either go 4-to-a-room at hotels, or stay with friends or skaters from leagues we visit).

SCRD has basically changed my life, and your contribution can help our league do the same for other awesome, athletic women.

As a thank-you, for every $20 you donate you will be entered into a drawing for a couple of donor appreciation gifts (a 39" LCD TV, and a 16GB iPad mini). The drawing will be at our April 13 bout (don't need to be present to win, but you totally should, as I will detail in a different post).

See me in person, comment here, or email me if you would like to contribute.

Today I was relieved to learn that a non-derby friend has another friend named Ada with the same availability as mine next week, and that I had not, in fact, responded to his Doodle under my derby name and forgotten about it.

I'm happy to announce that I made it onto the Steel Hurtin, our charter travel team! It's been a huge goal of mine, and right now I am cycling between excited, shocked, and panicking.

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Happy 197th birthday, Ada Lovelace!

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Derby home bout this Sunday! My team is playing the much-feared Mon Monsters. Then I will be looking to avenge the Grinches in the annual Toys for Tots bout (last year, we lost to the to Santa's Little Helpers in overtime).

Both bouts will be played under the new WFTDA ruleset! Highlights of the new ruleset include no minor penalties, and single-whistle starts. We've been playing under the new rules at practice the last month, and it's been a faster and more physical game. I'm excited to do away with whiteboards and standing-around starts.

I have tickets at $10 apiece, otherwise find 'em online (, or at the door for $15.
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