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Idiot Fails to Win Dux, Complains
In New Zealand the centrepiece of end of year prizegivings is, theoretically anyway, who gets to become Dux. The Dux is the best performing pupil in year thirteen (and also year eight) and how exactly schools determine this is unclear. Sometimes you get sit...

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Auckland's Train Strike
Unions get a bad rap from all sorts of people. Sometimes that's deserved. The union guys in GBH are pretty terrible people. I mean, they might not know the whole story but they still terrorise little kids because they can't set up a strike properly. That's ...

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Winning Elections and Asking Questions
National's been getting an earful lately from a couple of quarters. Firstly, people were outraged by their "spam" or "DDOS" approach to opposition... people drew parallels with the behaviour of the Republicans in the US , although I'm not convinced it makes...

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So, Are You Kiwi?
I don't like using Kiwi as an identifier. I'm not entirely sure why this is the case. I think a large part of the issue is that it's not a particularly cosmopolitan means of parsing the question of nationality or, hell, even of ethnicity. Yet I also believe...

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English Literature is English Literature?
Another Spinoff article. .. again not wholly the point of this exercise, more the prompt. In 2017, it’s pretty hard to mount a defence of whitewashing English literature studies. The novel itself isn’t even a European-born artform – the Indian Sanskrit writ...

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How an Article about Hairstyles is about Data
I don't like the Spinoff very much but they'd make for a serviceable magazine in print so I treat them as such. My big issue with them is that there is no real reason (and certainly not their specious reasons) for a website to not have a comments section. C...

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EPL Take Three : Arsenal Beat Spurs
I don't really care about these derbies. I said as much the first time I wrote one of these. So what's going on with this title? Well, simply, it's a comment on expectations. I think most people probably would have picked Spurs to beat Arsenal or, at least,...

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Contemplating Sex Crimes
I'll write about quite a lot of things. You might say that I write about anything that pops into my head until it pops out of my head. Take my last post... Word tells me that clocks in at 4004 words. That's quite a lot. I chuck it on Medium (oh, yeah, I hav...

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Traffic and Auckland
One of the most interesting and absorbing parts of games like SimCity or Cities: Skylines is their traffic functionalities. I'm not exactly sure how they go about modelling traffic but I do know in the latter game a dude managed to basically have a congesti...

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Piss Off, Wellington
I've been to Wellington a couple of times. We've driven down every time so I've seen quite a lot of the North Island between Auckland and Wellington. Normally we take a more central route, but we've even drifted out to go via Wanganui. I like Wanganui. It r...
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