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Recently, some older youtube videos (family stuff, taken with digital cameras in 2008-2009-ish, if it matters) have stopped having sound on Chromecast. 
Has anyone else experienced this?
It very specifically happens with only these handful of videos.

The only other piece of data I have is that I had similar issues with videos of this era when I was once trying to set up an HTPC in my living room, and it ended up (probably) being an issue with the audio codec.
But I have played these videos on Chromecast before, with sound.
I don't remember the last time they did work, but over this weekend they stopped.
The video has perfectly good sound when played on PC or phone.

Here's an example of one of the videos that is soundless on Chromecast; sorry for cute overload :)

The latest version of Chrome (32) finally fixes the Chromecast problem with AMD Switchable Graphics. Confirmed. Woohoo!

Does the latest update fix the problem with AMD Switchable Graphics and casting tabs from Chrome?

Happy Gazpacho Soup Day!
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I've snagged .. maybe I should use G+ more often now.

(And maybe that's just what they wanted.. dun dun dun...)
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Hoping for someone like +Engadget +Android News by Phandroid +Droid Forums +Gizmodo etc to assuage my fears about the +Verizon Wireless  +Samsung Mobile USA  Galaxy Note 3.
Having read about the ways Verizon changed the Note 2 and Galaxy S4, I am hesitant to get the Note 3 right away before seeing a review of this carrier's model.
Being currently out-of-contract, I have the option of leaving for another carrier, but I'm happy enough with Verizon in most ways and would like to hear that nothing (significant) has been modified on this one...

Here's the article I keep referring back to about the previous generation, from last December.
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Internet Petitions suck, are stupid, and nobody reads them. But for something like +Google  Reader, it's important for the Big G to understand who its "small" number of users are. Put your name on this one. via +Dan Lewis  - Take note +Google Developers 
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An open letter to +Wil Wheaton because I am terrible at being brief on Twitter. 

Hello Wil, I'm @ossiangrr on Twitter and I'm always bugging you about gaming. Stop me if I'm being creepy! I just have trouble reducing my thoughts to 140 chars so I figured I'd try you over here.

I'm a huge gamer. I play a ton of boardgames. I host a theoretically-weekly game night at my house.
I love TableTop. I tell all my friends about it.
And very much looking forward to a second season!

But, as friendly and accessible as an episode of TableTop is, it still doesn't seem like something a "non-gamer" would go out of their way to watch all the time. 
We as a community want games like Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, Dominion, even BSG, to be more acceptable and accessible for the masses to play.
Getting them sold at Target is a good start, but as we've seen in that boardgamegeek post (link attached), that might not be enough.
People don't know what they're getting into.
Sure they could go searching for information -- or a TableTop episode -- about that specific game. But the dressings around those videos and articles already tend towards being intimidating to someone who isn't part of this "gamer subculture".

What I think would be great is something like a "Why Gaming Is Cool" episode of TableTop that doesn't focus on a specific game.  Something more like a collection of the interviews of the people you play with, where they describe their extremely different backgrounds and how they got introduced to gaming.  And not just celebrities, but everyday people who love games 
"What is this culture of gaming, and why isn't it just for nerds?"

I hope this makes a little more sense than what I tried to cram into a bunch of tweets.
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Oh, hello new shiny G+ format. You look exactly like the Facebook/Twitter hybrid you always told me you were trying to be.
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The internet needed to have this. So I made it. (Inspired by reading about "Rex", the Fantasy Flight Games remake of Avalon Hill's Dune game)
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