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People United for Medical Marijuana
People United for Medical Marijuana

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Treating Skin Cancer with Cannabis Oil

Benefits of Cannabis Oil @ PAP-Site Radio starting now. Tune in for some awesome info if you have the time :)

Have you heard about Cannabis Oil to treat brain cancer? Did you even know this natural treatment exists?

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Is Cannabis a safe/effective treatment for children fighting cancer?

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New Facebook 'Like' pages have been established by county and listed on our website.

Volunteers Needed For CanFest Planning Meeting November 5th in Melbourne, Fl

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We will be at Legends again tomorrow with our PUFMM update. In addition, Maria Mills Greenfield will be giving us the progress on her cannabis therapy and Laurence Vance will be giving a lecture titled "The War on Drugs is a War on Freedom". Hope you can join us.

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Finally local politicians making sense and acting like true statesmen...

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“AMERICAN DRUG WAR 2” Cannabis Destiny [Video]
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