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The liberal garbage on Google+ is nauseating. A lot of people need to wake up and realize the kind of world we live in these days. If you take guns away from good people, then only bad people and the government have guns, and then we have no freedom. That's not the country we really want or need.
Learn from this, pray for the survivors, but we need to get away from political correctness and increase the control of crazy people, not the guns. 

About to be Tuscaloosa bound, Rooooll Tide!

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Sweet... I want some too!
Assembling some Avengers artwork in my home office thanks to the talented Melissa Smith.

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Black and Tan on Sunday afternoon

2nd season of Walking Dead, dang right I'm gonna get it!

If you haven't been to the Birmingham Zoo lately, GO!

Watching Witness: tsunamai on Nat Geo, wow!

Only 8 days until the Alabama Crimson Tide hit the field again... Roooooooll Tide Roll!

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OMG, I want to see more videos of this, HILARIOUS!

Settling in for a long night of website coding...
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