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Skype Session - April 28th/2014
I think the session today went well. Every session with the Grade 3 class in Thompson is interesting, and always amusing. I enjoy kids, and seeing how they interact, so it's really cool to be able to Skype with them, have them learn from us, and have us lea...

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IGNITE Photocredit
Photo Credit: Slide 1: Megan Pelissier Slide 2: Kim Pelissier Slide 3: Kim Pelissier Slide 4: All 3; Kim Pelissier Slide 5: Kim Pelissier Slide 6: Slide 7: http://smitht...

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Mid Semester Reflection
6 Word
Memoirs: Grade A I believe I did
really well on my 6 word memoirs, and also did well with handing them in on
time. I put a lot of work into them, and a lot of thought into what quote would
work best for each picture. One thing I felt I could have don...

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Skype Reflection
1)     My group presented the punctuation
mini lesson. The way we presented it to the kids was using a traffic light
analogy, which I thought helped them to understand better. After reading the
six word memoirs they wrote, I felt as though they picked up on...

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6 Word Memoir - ME
ME The text in this picture pretty much sums me up in 6 words…
I throw people, and pass them. My two biggest passions are cheerleading, and
drag racing. I’m a base for cheerleading, which means I get to throw flyers,
hold them up, etc. Therefore; I throw pe...

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6 Word Memoir - MY FUTURE
MY FUTURE I’m not sure exactly what the future holds for me. However,
I know that wherever life takes me I will “live life in the fast lane” and
continue with my passion for drag racing. I’ve been drag racing since I was 11,
in a Jr. Dragster. Last summer I...

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6 Word Memoir - MY PAST
MY PAST This picture is of me in grade 5. My interests were drag
racing, dance, cheerleading, multi-coloured hair extensions, and Stitches
animated t-shirts. I believe the text relates quite well with this photo, because
well… We all had that ugly phase. Al...

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6 Word Memoir - Confession
CONFESSION I’m not perfect. Wish I was. I chose this photo of me for
this memoir, because it is just a regular photo of me that my friend took of
me. It’s not a “selfie” that took me 50 tries to get the perfect shot. There’s
no posing or any anticipation wh...
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