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Obamney at it again. When will people wake up? There is no difference between these two people and they are both the same as Bush

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They both support keeping marriage illegal by requiring special government permission to marry. Learn what a license is. So yeah the same.
Do you need a license to get married?  Then marriage is illegal! Legalize marriage for all!!  Neither support this and thus are the same. more laws, less freedom.
Not trying to troll, but I don't understand how needing a license makes marriage illegal.  Marriage, as recognized by the Government, is to ensure the rights & protections.  Be that military spouse benefits, parental rights, or hospital visitation.   It has nothing to do with religion, but being legally recognized as a family, regarding laws that govern the family.

If the state doesn't recognize the marriage, and their is no will when an unexpected loss happens, then an estranged family member could claim all the property from the surviving spouse, for example (Depending on local state laws).
A license is permission to do something that otherwise is prohibited. Is it legal to drive without a drivers license?
Nobody is prohibited from religious (or non-religious) ceremonial marriage.  Imo, state recognized marriage shouldn't be called marriage.........Since that is just the state recognizing you & the spouse are a family in regards to rights & laws that impact a family.  Like parental rights & property rights.  In most cases, the state recognized version of marriage is a protection for the family.

For example, a deceased spouses brother can't claim all property & belongings in court as the surviving family member, if there was no will.  It protects the spouse, in states where there isn't common-law marriage.
I'm not saying that. All I am stating is the definition of a "license" is permission to do something otherwise prohibited. Look it up.
Umm, you do realize you just contradicted yourself in the same statement, right?

"In particular, a license may be issued by authorities, to allow an activity that would otherwise be forbidden"

It is really very simple to all but statist control freaks. Try and do something that requires a license without. You will find out that it is illegal real quick!
I'm a freedom and liberty nut!! ;)
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