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Richard Ashbee
A professional photographer, lecturer, trainer, writer lover of wildlife and all things Shetland
A professional photographer, lecturer, trainer, writer lover of wildlife and all things Shetland

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Seems a bit ironic that we went to hear a talk by the Lerwick Observatory on Earthquakes and the Aurora the other Friday night but that afternoon an actual earthquake hit Shetland , with a magnitude of 4.8. It hit a point in the north sea south of Shetland,...

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Simmer Dim
While the rest of the UK have had very hot weather, up to 32 degrees in places, Shetland has had strong winds, cool temperatures 11- 16 degrees together with some thick fog. Thinking back to when we visited  Shetland on holiday, back in the late 1980's it w...

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Shetland Tourism
Shetland Tourism has taken a hit this last week when the contract for Promote Shetland was not renewed by the council. This has been run by the Shetland Amenity Trust for the past 8 years and they did some tremendous work running the website, live streaming...

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Counting the cost
Interesting to see e-bay selling a 750 ml jar of Shetland fresh air for £40 - I will be back in a minute.............. I now can offer 100 750 ml jars of Shetland fresh air - job lot  for £1000 (what a bargain) We all take fresh air for granted, back in She...

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Lambs, BBC and wind farms
 Lambing is now fully underway and where ever you look there are little lambs running around, bleating. While the very young ones tend to stay close to mum other older ones like roaming around in small flocks.  If you talk to anyone in crofting, lambing con...

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New Arrivals
You don't have to go far in Shetland without coming across lambs. Although many have still to be born, lots of fields have lambs jumping around trying to keep warm. It's has been very cold this last week with snow in parts , not a kind introduction to Shetl...

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WW2 Invasion of Shetland
At the outbreak of the Second World War the Shetland population was around the 18,000 mark. Soon nearly 24,000 servicemen arrived to make sure that the Germans didn't take control of these islands or the seas around them. This friendly invasion of British s...

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Shetland has a good mixture of the old and new, this is especially evident in Lerwick and Scalloway  The above was new in October 2016 down near the pier in Lerwick, called `Da Lightsome Buoy' it is a celebration of the role the pelagic fishing industry pla...

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SMUHA (Up Helly Aa)
Finally the weather held last night and we took the short journey over the hill towards Cunningsburgh to see the South Mainland Up Helly Aa (SMUHA) It was interesting the see the squads process through the village from our vantage point in the lay-by just u...

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A while ago
Its been a while since my last blog, this has been down mainly to having to develop four illustrated talks to give to the Royal Voluntary Service (2), SWI and Shetland Photographic Society as well as build a new 6 session (3 hours Per session) on Night Sky ...
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