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Sprint Galaxy Nexus CM
Sprint Galaxy Nexus LTE CyanogenMod 9 Android 4.0.x
Sprint Galaxy Nexus LTE CyanogenMod 9 Android 4.0.x

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New CM 10 Nightly's are up and running.  

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Feedback: CM9 RC1 for Sprint Galaxy Nexus
Report here in this G+ thread your experiences with CM9 RC1 for Sprint Galaxy Nexus.

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Huge News Update
Read what +Cyanogenmod's Team Epic is currently working on CM9 development for Epic 4G, Epic Touch, Nexus S 4G, Galaxy Nexus and SGS3. Please consider supporting Team Epic if you appreciate our work!

MMS Fixed
Nightly builds since ~6/11 have broken MMS send.  Please try this custom build if you want MMS to work.  Report any problems here.  Thanks!

Roaming String Fix, Attempt 2
For folks who experience the "No Service" string while roaming, please try this build and report back.

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Carrier String Test Build
Some users have reported seeing "No Service" in the pulldown curtain when their service is working and roaming.  KalimAz wants us to test this build to see if it solves that problem.  This fix is NOT in any nightly yet.  Please report results here.
md5sum cfed7b4b8614f0fe2939a7ebb0fc7dcb

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CM9 beta1 for Sprint Galaxy Nexus Release Notes
This is a tested and known good build for those who do not want to use nightly builds.  Device-specific fixes since alpha1 includes audio volume, inverted compass and Phantom Voicemail.

Update: Test June 7th nightly for audio fixes
KalimAz figured out that toroplus was using the wrong audio driver settings, causing weak maximum volume in-call for the loud speaker.  Please report changes in audio behavior before and after his fix.

Compass and Phantom Voicemail Fixed
The next nightly build should have both compass and phantom voicemail fixes.  Please report any problems you experience with the nightly builds here.  If we have a good stable build, we will name it alpha2.

Hey folks, in order to help debug toroplus-specific bugs, we need as many owners as possible to reply with the output of this adb command.
adb shell dmesg |grep 'HW revision'
Our hardware is confirmed to differ slightly from Verizon Galaxy Nexus, so it would be helpful to verify if the hardware revision is the same for all Sprint Galaxy Nexus owners.
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