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Season finale spoilers........

Nothing happened... and Clara is alive again....Ffs Moffat 

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I guess ukip really need to worry about who comes out in support of them... All they need now is the kkk to show support :)
Britain's General Election Kicks off Today....
....and we do not wish to interfere in their democratic processes, however we thought we make this community's stance clear.
United Kingdom's Independent Party is the only party in this country with a clear anti-climate fraud policy, as stated in their official campaign platform.
UKIP will have our vote just for that.

The best of luck in May and may the force be with you.

#climatechange   #globalwarming   #ukip   #ukelections  

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All this. .. despite people having to work with me.... go figure!?
Last night it was announced that Motivcom, Treatme’s parent company, was placed 63rd in this year’s The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For list – our best ever placing on the list! 

Pictured are Sonia Jenkins, HR Operations Manager & John Sylvester, Executive Director receiving the plaque from Jonathan Austin, CEO, Best Companies Ltd. 

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For anyone in the Milton Keynes area who likes comedy we are only a month away from Blackadder II - the second slither...   #comedy   #theatre   #miltonkeynes   #blackadder   #funny  

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away. This year, to save me from tears, I'll buy you a fucking toaster.

It occurs to me that we really need more research into parallel universes. Mainly to find the one where firefly wasn't cancelled, and get a dvd box set from there...... 

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NSFW A little advice for everyone this christmas. (comedy song... enjoy :))
Might be a little off topic, but made me think of the jim jeffries 10 commandments quote :)

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Here I am trying to be reasonable with this lot, should be fun!
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