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Rotating knives? Nelson Convention 2014
One of the workshops I completed is this wonderful rotating kitchen, c/w knives.  The kit came with a whole box of lovely goodies to fill up the shelves etc, and when I got home, I found a few more!  Note the tiny little ornament of a Spanish flamenco dance...

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Secret Santa gift - a Christmas Potting Shed scene
I found this cool lantern at K-mart.  I immediately had ideas...  I bought one, then went back later and bought several more.  SUCH a useful thing! I masked the exterior, then spray painted the interior. Then I started the gold leafing on the outside In pro...

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Post-Bon Appetit Washing Up
For the NZAME conventions, all the minis clubs make goodies for the goody bags.  It's so much fun to receive a bag, FULL of wonderful miniatures, as you register!  Our Club made kitchen implements for the Nelson 2014 Convention.  The theme being Bon Appetit...

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Conevtion round table workshop - tea bag display box
This is a laser cut kit, by Adelaide Cann.  It's very small...

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Re-purposed food tins
As part of our club display, North Shore minis had several food tins.  Mine was the famous sake bar, and here are some of the others. 

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There's more than one...
of me.  I met a new friend at the Convention.  Here are Valmai and Valmai:

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NZAME Convention workshop : gold leaf demi-lune table
It's difficult to say which was my favourite workshop, but this one was able to be completed in the morning workshop, and that's smashing.  It wasnt difficult, but we certainly learned some useful stuff, and since I am planning to give a workshop of my own ...

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NZAME Nelson convention over Labour weekend October 2014
The weather was perfect.  The Convention was most satisfying!  I did four workshops, on the Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons.  Also, I bought several of the round-table kits offered on Monday morning.  And I have finished everything!  Howzat?!?! ...

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The Asahi can sake bar is finished, just in time.  The counter is a
toilet-roll tube, covered with a bamboo coaster.  The counter top is cut
from the same thin 2-ply wood from the wine gift box, cut using my
sewing scissors, which will never be the same....

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Japanese sake bar in Asahi beer can
For our club display at the minis convention in Nelson, we have made displays in food tins of various kinds.  I wasnt feeling inspired by biscuit tins and chocolate tins and cracker tins etc.  Then I came across a 3 liter Asahi beer can, when having dinner ...
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