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Real Estate Promises Delivered
Real Estate Promises Delivered


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Selling and Buying a Home with Lead Paint

There's a lot to consider when the time comes to either sell your home or buy a home that has lead paint.

Here in his most recent article, +Bill Gassett dives into the subject of lead paint in our homes and what you need to know.

Interested in homes built before 1978? If so, this article by Bill is a must read...full of valuable information that you want to make sure you get right.

Plus, he includes more helpful articles from +Luke Skar +Karen Highland +Conor MacEvilly and +Jamohl DeWald
The Ultimate Guide to Buying & Selling a House With Lead Paint
Are you going to be buying or selling a home with lead paint?

If so make sure you take a look at one of the most comprehensive guides every published at Maximum Real Estate Exposure!

See helpful tips and advice on knowing how to deal with lead paint.

Be sure to also check out the additional helpful references to other real estate pros including +Jamohl DeWald, +Luke Skar, +Lynn Pineda, +Conor MacEvilly and +Karen Highland.

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#realestate #leadpaint
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Google+ coming to an end

What does it mean to you?

Sad for many who are active participants, as I have been - have you?

If you weren't so active here, then it's likely just another story about a social media platform. Yet, it you have been active here, it's most definitely a time in which you look back to remember how it has made a difference in your business; a positive when it came to an increase in business and most rewarding were the relationships that were developed with others here that will never be forgotten. Geeze, what am I going to do without Google+?!

My business is Real Estate, yet many different industries are represented here on Google+ and I can bet to say that there are many of us Google plussers, as we're called, who are greatly disappointed by Google's recent news.

You'll find a great article by +Bill Gassett where he shares his thoughts on the ending of Google+

Bill also included a couple of quotes from other die hard Google+ fans - I was happy to share my thoughts, as was +Kyle Hiscock and +Kevin Vitali

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Understanding a Property Lien

This is definitely one article from +Bill Gassett that you’ll want to read to make sure you don’t find out about any last minute surprises when it comes time to sell your home - it’s a superb article by Bill.

There really are quite a few property liens that can surface once you put your home up for sale, then go under contact and you then head towards closing; this is the point at which they can rears their ugly heads.

Where do they likely come from and what can you do about them? You’re in luck as Bill discussed the bulk of them here in his recent Real Estate article. Be sure to read it and by all means, make sure you know whether any of these could wreck havoc on your home sale.

Bill also has included excellent helpful articles throughout his article and includes an article from +Luke Skar and myself.
Complete Guide to Understand a Property Lien
Did you know having a lien on your property can stop a sale dead in its tracks?

A property lien is an encumbrance against the property. In most cases it is considered a defect that must be cleared in order to pass title.

In the latest article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure, your going to get an education on all the types of property liens that exist.

Learn about each type of property lien and how they can affect your sale.

Be sure to check out the additional home selling references as well from +Lynn Pineda and +Luke Skar.

If you enjoy the information on property liens, please give the article a share.

#realestate #liens
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7 Reasons why overpricing may result in Detrimental Effects!

It’s true and +Sharon Paxson has delivered a great article detailing what occurs when you overprice a home you’re trying to sell.

Often overpricing results in chasing the market, one of the worst effects of an overpriced home. Read Sharon’s article to get a better understand how this can effect you as a home Seller.

Plus, she includes related Real Estate articles from +Michelle Gibson +Bill Gassett +Kyle Hiscock +Jamohl DeWald +Kevin Vitali and more.
Considering selling your home, then you must take into account the current real estate market! Overpricing can cause damaging effects that can be difficult to recover from when selling. Check out this post about the 7 Reasons Why Overpricing May Result in Detrimental Effects!

Find references from +Michelle Gibson, +Bill Gassett, +Lynn Pineda, +Kyle Hiscock, +Jamohl DeWald, and +Kevin Vitali.

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B.S. Facts about Real Estate - will they ever go away?!

“wisdom”, if something gets enough play on the internet, it grows legs."

If you say something long enough it becomes true, right? Keep saying it over and over in hopes that it will be cemented as a fact. Wait...that just isn't right. And thank goodness for +Karen Highland and +Chris Highland who are head-on, steering us right, in their recent penned article.

And who can't use a little help from their friends from time to time?! Well, Karen and Chris, sought some help from their Real Estate friends too in order to assist in separating the fact from the B.S fiction where you'll read what +Eileen Anderson +Sharon Paxson +Bill Gassett +Xavier De Buck +Conor MacEvilly +Jamohl DeWald +Luke Skar +John Cunningham +Paul Sian and +Kristina Smallhorn all have to say.

“wisdom”, if something gets enough play on the internet, it grows legs.

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September 2018 Real Estate article roundup

When it comes to gathering up some good reads within the Real Estate industry, +Paul Sian knows how to do it each month. Be sure to read what articles Paul highlighted this month. The importance of educating ourselves is never ending. Super choice Paul!

Paul features articles from +Jamohl DeWald +John Cunningham +Luke Skar +Sharon Paxson +Petra Norris +Bill Gassett and more!

#RealEstate in the know.
September 2018 Real Estate Roundup!

In case you missed any of the great real estate reads from September 2018, you are in luck. A number of them are explored here in the latest real estate roundup. Be sure to check out the great reads from authors like +Bill Gassett, +Lynn Pineda, +Petra Norris, +Sharon Paxson, +Luke Skar, +John Cunningham, +Jamohl DeWald and more.

Please consider sharing if you find this to be useful.

September 2018 Real Estate Roundup
September 2018 Real Estate Roundup
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Buying an Investment Property: Should you Flip or Rent?

Daniela Andreevska with +Mashvisor offers up a lot to consider when trying to decide what will work best for you when buying investment property.

What are the Pros and Cons to each? Daniela explains for you. Knowing what you can anticipate when buying investment property is critical in having any rate of success with your purchase.
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Why should you sell your home this fall?

Want to know the top reasons why? Then be sure to read +Petra Norris's recent article regarding detailing all the reasons why selling a home in the fall would be a wise move.

Petra also shared Real Estate articles from +Sharon Paxson +Paul Sian and +Bill Gassett
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Generating Leads: Useful tips for any starting Real Estate Agent

Without leads it will be most difficult to earn the income you'll need to survive for any successful Real Estate business.

Here +Mashvisor shares some excellent advice in how to go about generating those leads to keep you in the business of Real Estate. From asking for referrals to social media, you'll discover some great ways to market your business.

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What can you do when a home appraisal comes in low?

A Real Estate transaction comes to a halt when the appraisal comes back and it's less than the purchase price - now what do you do?!

+Michelle Gibson provides some expert tips to guide you in the right direction, so you know your options on how to go forward. Remember, it doesn't have to be the end of the road for you.

You'll also find a few good articles that Michelle included that are from other Real Estate Agents +Bill Gassett +Sharon Paxson +Joe Boylan +Anita Clark and +Kyle Hiscock

Enjoy the read!
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