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Making Your Home Smarter - What you need to know

Isn't it amazing what our homes are capable of doing since the introduction of Smart Home Technology?!

In his latest article, +Dan Barcelon - Evergreen Properties and Investments fills you in on the Smart Home technology that you need to know about to get your home Smart !

Imaging laying in bed first thing in the morning, and you'd love to have the bright, beautiful sunshine stream in without getting out of bed - just install smart home technology blinds on your windows and open them before your feet even touch the floor.

Read Dan's super interesting article to discover what can be at your fingertips.

He also includes more related articles from other active Real Estate authors +Kevin Vitali +Paul Sian and more.

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Tips for Buying a Luxury Home - 8, in fact!

Luxury home buying is not a common, everyday occurrence. Luxury may be desired by many, yet afforded by few.

Here +Xavier De Buck, who is well equipped at selling luxury homes in his local market, has put his take on ever so important tips that are needed when it's time to buy a luxury home.

From choosing a Real Estate Agent, to being concerned on the home's resale value, Xavier takes you to where all luxury home Buyer's minds should be focused.

Additionally, he includes more related articles from +Paul Sian +Bill Gassett +Ryan Fitzgerald +Luke Skar and +Debbie Drummond

Tips For Buying a Luxury Home!
Thinking about buying a luxury home? Or, if you've already bought one, what advice would you give luxury home buyers?

This article talks about a number of tips to ensure peace of mind as home buyers embark on their journey of purchasing their dream home! Agent? Finances? Home inspection?

Other resources consulted for this article were written by +Paul Sian, +Bill Gassett, +Ryan Fitzgerald, +Luke Skar, and +Debbie Drummond! Thank you, guys (and lady), for your helpful info provided!

BTW -- Very glad to be writing articles again! I missed you guys :)

Read the full article here:

Please RESHARE this article across your social media platforms if think it'll be educational for your following!

#luxuryhome #homebuyers

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Best of Google+ Real Estate Articles for July 2017

In the spotlight this month, for the month of July on Google+, you'll discover some exceptional Real Estate articles that are guaranteed to educate and entertain.

As more and more Real Estate professionals kick it up a notch, more and more really good articles are surfacing, which makes it a whole heck of lot harder to uncover all the articles here on Google+. You likely don't have the time to sort through all that is written each and every day plus, if you're busy, it's really easy to miss a great article. In fact, I'm sure I'm missing some really good articles for this featured post!

This month, I had the opportunity to share many articles that I found to be worth the mention to compile into +Bill Gassett's monthly publication on Massachusetts Real Estate News

Featured authors this month include +Dan Barcelon - Evergreen Properties and Investments +Joe Boylan +Fred Franks Jr +Kevin Vitali +Kyle Hiscock +Debbie Drummond +Anita Clark +Paul Sian +Bill Gassett and +Tom Horn

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Guide to Selling a House to Settle an Estate

So you've inherited a home and you want to sell it - where do you even begin?

Here in this very detailed guide about selling an inherited home +Richard Witt and +Debbie Gartner have it all spelled out for anyone faced with the uncertainty of just what needs to be done to get a house sold.

After you read through this guide, you'll know what to expect and how to plan for the process.

And the guide even details more helpful, related articles that come from +Karen Highland +Bill Gassett +Kyle Hiscock +Jeff Knox +Paul Sian +The Flooring Girl and many more!

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Why do some homes sell so fast and others languish on the market? -

...6 Reasons why

+Kevin Vitali lets you know exactly what's going on with your home not selling and what you should have done to avoid having to seek out why your home isn't selling.

It's not too late for you however, if you just read and take Kevin's excellent advice. It can help you now with your current sale, help you for your future sale and you can share you new, found knowledge on what it takes to get your home from unsold to sold to help somebody else!

Kevin has also included other good advice from Real Estate professionals +Teresa Cowart +Paul Sian +Bill Gassett and +Rochester's Real Estate Blog

Why do some homes sell so fast while others languish on the market?

Your neighbor sold his house in one day why is your house still on the market 90 days later.

There is far more to selling your home than sticking a sign in the ground. A home sale in many cases is a carefully crafted plan. Whit the 3 keys being preparing your home, pricing your home and marketing your home.

Your home is not selling because your probably skipped one of these steps or executed them poorly. This article will discuss 6 reasons your home may be languishing on the market.

Other resources from +Bill Gassett, +Teresa Cowart, +Lynn Pineda, +Paul Sian and +Rochester's Real Estate Blog

#homeselling #homeselleradvice #homesellertips

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When to Reduce the Price of Your Home

When you put in all the effort that goes along with preparing a home for sale before it hits the market, you expect to sell it once you've listed your home for sale, right? However, what happens when your home is not selling right away - do you think it has something to do with the price of your home?

Do you just employ a wait and see tactic or do you reduce the price?

If you're not sure what road to take, don't worry, as +Bill Gassett has done an amazing job in his latest Real Estate article that guides you on how it is that you've gotten to the place you're at to begin with and just how to resolve your particular situation.

Additionally, Bill has included more resources to aid you in your decision making process that come from +Kyle Hiscock and an article from me too, where I'm happy to have been included in Bill's article!

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3 Things to Scrutinize Before Selling a Home

Get it right BEFORE you sell your home. Here I share 3 must -do things to enable you to sell your home fast and for the most money.

This advice includes walking in the shoes of a prospective home Buyer for one.

I've also included helpful resources from +Dan Barcelon - Evergreen Properties and Investments +Local Realty Service: Ocala Real Estate Agents +Fred Franks Jr +Deb Rhodes and more!

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7 Steps to Follow When Buying a Home

So important to follow these recommendations

+Local Realty Service: Ocala Real Estate Agents has presented their latest Real Estate article, that this time, focuses on what you need to do to secure a mortgage for a home. Full of wise advise from Frederick Franks.

Perhaps one tip that I feel is most important to put further emphasis on is the one step that Frederick reveals about avoid buying more home than what you can really afford - as nothing is worse than being house poor. What good is a lovely new home if you're chained to it?!

Read more to discover the other steps Frederick reveals, along with additional contributions from other Real Estate professionals +Luke Skar +Dan Barcelon - Evergreen Properties and Investments and +Bill Gassett

It's a good one!

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It's a beauty - move in ready home, newly remodeled.

This may be just the home you've been searching for to call home.


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Are you considering selling a home in Coral Springs or perhaps you're looking to buy a home and want to know more about the Coral Springs Real Estate market?

Here in my most recent market report you'll find out about median sales prices, how long it's taking to sell a home, are we still in a Seller's market and more!

#coralsprings #realestate 
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