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Gaming, Politics, and the Politics of Gaming.
Gaming, Politics, and the Politics of Gaming.

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Your Google+ integration nonsense just completely ruined YouTube. Subscriptions gone. GONE. What, wasn't Google Reader enough?

Google, you big bag of dumb. If you're going to give me a "primary" tab in gmail, then LET ME SEARCH IT.

Hey, Google? I'm one of the people who actually likes G+. I can't use it right now because it makes my netbook crawl, but I don't hate it. 

But killing stuff like Google Reader is not how you get people to use it.

What Google doesn't get is that every time they shut down one of these services, it makes people rethink all the OTHER ones.

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The Google Reader shutdown is beyond ridiculous. It's just straight-up baffling, and raises the question of what exactly is going on at Google.

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Neat interview about volunteering.

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Great piece on Canadian first nation rights and why they're fighting to retain them.

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Rowan writes consistently good commentary on RPGs, and this piece is no exception. It delves into how these two games legitimized and popularized western-made RPGs on consoles, creating the blurred line between "console" and "computer" RPG that still exists today. 

(And, perhaps, was responsible for the ultimate marginalization of the Japanese RPG. Rowan doesn't get into that...but it's a fair extrapolation.)

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As disempowered as Windows 8 Metro-side is, I've figured out why I find myself seeking it out, wanting to touch it and feel affection towards it.

It's a baby OS, and that's adorable. It's going to grow up and become very different, but for now it needs to be held (tried, contorted, poked, bitched about), fed at 3am (searching for "why does this not work" solutions) and burped (rebooted and apps relaunched.)

I love baby OSes and spending time with them. I was part of the community of parents who fed Apple's bug report/feedback when OS X Public Beta came out all the way to Mountain Lion. That OS really sucked at the beginning! I kept rebooting into OS 9 to escape its slowness and missing features.

The same was true for iTunes when it was an indie project on OS 8-9 called SoundJam. When Apple bought SJ and stripped 60% of its features like system-wide audio recording, radio stream capture, codec support and more, I felt really cheated and upset with the developer. I don't blame him for raking in the money, but I do mourn the loss of his original spirit and creation. The once 4MB app has become 200MB and comments on bloatedness abound.

Plus, having grown up with Commodore for learning programming and having fun gaming, and also since the Amiga got me through highschool and college, I have a very soft spot for the underdogs. Microsoft is an underdog in the land of touch operating systems and I don't mind helping with the whole not-drowning thing. They have some great ideas and I don't want to see them disappear while iOS and Android become all that's left.

This little monster that is Windows 8 deserves a chance to grow up. I'm very curious to see what part matures first and how long Microsoft will keep the traditional desktop around. Windows 8 does suck, but it sucks at being Windows 7, not its newborn self.

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Hadn't linked to this on G+ yet, but here's my latest thing on Nightmare Mode: about how games are becoming smooth, direct experiences without much struggle, planning, or waiting.

Is that lack of gameplay "downtime" good? Depends...
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