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ರತೀಷ್ പിഷാരടി (Ratheesh Pisharody)

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My take on the wrong kind of buttons to press

My cool 90 year Old at home (conversation in Kannada)

70 yr old: Radio repair aithu
90 yr old: Damage eshtu?
70 yr old: Damagenu illa
90 yr old: Duddu eshtaythamma?

[ Content inspired from real life, Concept inspired from a popular joke ]

Scene : Classroom 
Topic : Distance, Speed, Time

Teacher: Students, If Rajesh takes 100 minutes to travel from Kengeri to Tumkur, a distance of 76 kilometers, what is the time taken by him when travelling from Bommanahalli to Kengeri (distance of 26 kilometers)?

Akshay: 100 minutes

Teacher: What? Akshay, you don't seem to know the formula!

Akshay: Sir, you don't seem to know Bangalore.

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An excellent quote by German poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht. This one is about the perils of being politically illiterate. I would actually interpret the illiteracy here as non-participation, because one might take that as "being aware is good enough". Being aware, acting and reacting are even more important.

I am certainly not getting what the activism and revolutions today are about. I understand the enthusiasm, I understand the "blockade" and the "victim" in the picture when I visualize the situation as it stands superficially. I understand the urge, energy and raw activism. The tendency to break barriers and create history. 

I am talking about the current discussions and debates about women wanting to get into religious institutions (the kind of religion is not a parameter to this argument). 


What about the sense of emancipation associated with a protest and revolution? Why would getting into religious institutions emancipate the protester? Are we forgetting that these are religious institutions? These are not libraries, these are not the offices and parliament houses? 

So what is really at the end of this journey? Protesters win, the leaders are known, some orgasmic internet activity, some tv interviews? Then what? What exactly changed in our society? What exactly changed for you, the one who protested? Please throw some light.

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This started some point in 2013/2014. The typical reaction when I tell someone "we as a country and civilization are getting regressive" is of ignorance, denial or sometimes rude retort.

My conversations on the topic has lead to bitter arguments. If it was with still sensible folk, then it usually ends with an agreement to disagree. Sometimes I have avoided people altogether because I come to realize the apathy and bigotry that clouds their eyes today.

I was born in an India that was only 30+ years into its Independence. I was born into an India that was proud of its past and proud to have achieved what it did via means that will go down in history as surprisingly effective. In a distant future where resolution is not possible in the world without pulling out your gun, historians will remind people that some victims did "work with" their perpetrators, negotiating symbolically, spiritually and gained moral higher ground on the matter. 

But, we have landed into an era of India that is wanting to pull out the gun today even before we have completed the dialogue. An India that desperately wants to claim unison based on color and creed and not on a collective sense of inter-operating,  co-operating, tolerating morality. It is impossible to put into words what that means and explain it to the young and energetic Indians of today (my very own generation). 

I am getting desperate. Just like anyone who lives in India today watching the days go by while we destroy our symbols, destroy our moral ground, destroy our images, destroy our art, destroy our rights, destroy our respect, destroy our beliefs. I am perhaps as desperate as my compatriots who voted in a misguided "fancy tour" 2 years ago. I am perhaps as misguided as my neighbor who was willing to go cross country to destroy sensitive relics (to replace them with another one). 

But probably the only difference is the weapons of our choice.

Endnote: What prompted me to write this? This cowardly act.

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Someone managed to put "cute cats" in a Git forum too!!!!

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In the span of two movies, we stand corrected by Adam Driver, from "While We're Young" to "Star Wars"


Dear fellow citizen, always remember, #TRAI is our government, an effect of the great democracy we are. #facebook is a corporate. Know whom to support.
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