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Postal Service Throws The Election Again - Musings on An Election Season (Almost) Passsed
By Mel Carriere This election season was brutal, and it's not quite over yet.  Here in San Diego it seems that political mail volume soared to new heights, even as voter apathy soared to new heights along with it.  Although many of us are not enthusiastic a...

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Are Mailmen Stupid? Any "Advise?"
By Mel Carriere Okay, I admit I probably wasn't making good life choices when I raised my right hand back in December, 1993 for something other than to give my Billy Idol White Wedding impression.  I had a wife and  a year old son to take care of, the bank ...

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Tender Mailman Messages - Just Wanted to Let You Know
By Mel Carriere Stevie Wonder just called to say I love you.  Postal Customers check in sometimes too, just to let letter carriers know.  Not to let us know that they love us, necessarily, but to pass along what's going on in their mail-related lives, to gi...

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Three Aggravating CCA Trainee Types that Make Me Wonder why The $#@! I Do This
By Mel Carriere Training day is upon us.  The kids are growing up and  making regular, which is a wonderful thing.  I am proud of my CCA children and happy to see them prosper in the Postal Service, but this also means I have to break out of my comfort zone...

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San Diego District Dementia Sings The Praises of The Promaster - but Tsunami Is not so Sure
  By Mel Carriere I'm sure that if you work for the Post Office your Mailbox is flooded with Postal propaganda designed to boost your employee morale by reassuring you that our leaders are wise, enlightened people who have weighed their decisions carefully ...

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Target Twerp Disses Post Office
By Mel Carriere Mel is mobile again!  He's got his wheels and hopefully his mojo back.  I apologize to my faithful readers, but I was away on a kind of self-induced tsunami sabbatical, caused by transportation issues and a sort of mental hibernation that ac...

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Postal Safety Lip Service - Strange and Gory Tales from the Postal X-Files
By Mel Carriere Every day postal employees are literally beaten to near unconsciousness by safety propaganda, to the point where they are literally slipping, tripping and falling over a perilous obstacle course of posters, videos, and mind numbing managemen...

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Slow Motion, Eye Rolling Stand-up Talks
By Mel Carriere   Have you ever been in a situation so inescapably dull that you think
time is standing still, or even going backwards, as if the person or
people responsible for locking you in some dismal, inescapable vortex that makes you
feel as futil...

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Mel's Disappointing EXFC First Class Mail Test - Whatever Happened to Overnight Delivery?
By Mel Carriere It was a grueling holiday season but guess what - we made it happen!  The scuttlebutt around the office is that Amazon is giving us a lot of extra FedEx and UPS business as a result of our stellar Christmas performance, so the fun continues!...

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Cute Things Postal Managers Say (Or Spew?)
By Mel Carriere I haven't been writing a lot on the Tsunami lately for a few reasons; some personal, some logistical, some having to do with getting my butt kicked by the November mail flow.    The November mail flow is like a Tsunami in and of itself.  It ...
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