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Yup, it's GameMasterNick.
Yup, it's GameMasterNick.

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How to Translate Japanese (2011 Anime-Style)

Two terms:

1) Daijoubu - With inflection it's "Are you Okay?" Daijoubu?
Without it's "Okay." Daijoubu.

When trying to seem meek, it's "Daijoubu ne?" and males should not use this unless desiring to look effeminate.

When trying to speak like Owl from Winnie the Pooh it's "Daijoubu Desu Ka?"
I say, Winnie the Pooh, are you quite alright?

2) Ki-sama - Just substitute any random English curse phrase or insult.
All translators seem to do this.

90% of dialogue in this season's lineup seems to consist of these 2 phrases or might actually be improved if it were replaced with just those two. The 10% that escape the use of these words multiple times in an episode... are more likely to be worth watching. Stein's Gate comes to mind.

Possible exception of Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? and Blue Exorcist, because those are awesome.

Okay, break over, time to get more work done.
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