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Mark Bloom
Lover of ideas.
Lover of ideas.

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"Ms. Rand's house burned down because she could not afford to rent my hose." ~ 1528

"Evolution does not find the best, it finds enough." ~ 1527

"Great writing finds the universal in the self." ~ 1526

"I fell in love with two old sisters named Trust and Care, then they fell back in love with me." ~ 1525

"Respect for the dead propels us to do well now." ~ 1524

"If I do not learn from thinking or copying, then I will learn from suffering." ~ 1523

"Even the strongest of the world need help sometimes." ~ 1522

"Channeling fear into care is no easy trick." ~ 1521

"Every tribe needs mission work." ~ 1520

"Discernment acted upon is judgement by another name." ~ 1519
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