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This +Ingress​​ portal has a guardian angel. #teamblue will protect humanity! #ingress

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Saw these gorgeous models but I didn't see any signs saying what game they're from. Battletech - nope. Warmachine - nope. Heavy Gear - nope. (and definitely not Warhammer)

Can anyone help me?

Drive a farm truck for five days that can turn your left leg into bodybuilder material.

Drive regular stick shift car.

Slam clutch through the floor.



Osama bin Laden's Bacon number is 2
Osama bin Laden and Bill Murray appeared in Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.
Bill Murray and Kevin Bacon appeared in Wild Things.

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Sweet! The animation is cool, but the article also goes into some fun physics of what would ACTUALLY happen if the surface of the moon were as close as the ISS.

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Love it when these finally come out! #spring #flowers
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Relson Gracie and Ryron Gracie. #bjj
My gi finally has some color! Blue belt!

At #copanova waiting for my division to come around. Wish me luck! #bjj

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For anyone who is wondering what the big deal is about the Heartbleed exploit, XKCD explains it well.

All that extra "stuff" can be passwords, usernames, banking information, addresses, etc. It is entirely a hack on website servers, and isn't affected by how awesome your personal antivirus or firewall is.

You log onto your bank. Your bank's web servers know the information of your login and everything else you see on their webpages.

A Heartbleed hacker hits the bank's website and pulls all the stuff that the bank's web server knows at the moment - including your username, password, account numbers, balance, etc.


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Even the worst day on the mat is better than the best day at the office!

+The Basics Gracie Jiu Jitsu

(and I had a good night on the mat!)
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