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Nostalgic Thoughts
Spending election week abroad, I woke on Friday morning and, looking at the results, was struck with a wave of nostalgia for it all seemed so much like the 1970s when I was a young political enthusiast with first the Communist then Labour parties. It all ca...
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After Brexit
The referendum vote in the U.K. to leave the European Union (EU) forms a coda to the rather pessimistic piece in the last issue of The Thinker. It was the worst possible result; close but decisive revealing deep underlying fissures in British society along ...
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Good night and good luck
And so it came to pass. Scotland lost and retreat to the
regional strongholds of northern England and south Wales and even those looking
a wobbly with UKIP biting at the Labour vote. Most of the leading chumps lost;
goodbye Miliband, Balls, Alexander and, f...
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Farewell to Welfare Statism or Good Riddance
Pearmain writes: So
what do we make of that then? On a personal level, the 2015 General Election
leaves me with two contrasting emotions. Firstly, a certain sense of
vindication about the outcome, because for several years I've been the only
person I...
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The New Plague
Willie Thompson writes: In the week of the general election
the New Scientist journal, which is
published on Saturdays, had an accidentally appropriate headline on its front
cover (referring to the danger of mutant bugs} it reads, ‘THE NEW PLAGUE’ Which wou...
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These are the chumps who lost Scotland
Some years ago in a time BTC (Before The Crash), a group of
us wrote a booklet entitled Feelbad
Britain . (Available at ).
It received mild interest and then passed into the oblivion reserved for small
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What to do with the EU?
Thompson writes: Despite the fact that British withdrawal
constitutes the centrepiece of the UKIP election campaign, the other parties
involved have been surprisingly reticent about discussing the question at any
length or in great detail. No doubt t...
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UKIP and Labour: Anyone for “Social Fascism”?
Pearmain writes: The
concept of “social fascism” has got a very bad name. It was coined by the
Communist International in its “third period” of the late 1920s to attack
social democracy. The communists were competing with the reformist and
labourist po...
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Willie Thompson writes: Back in the days soon after the
1997 election, when our eyes had seen the glory of the coming of the Blair, I
wrote that the Labour Party had the opportunity of dismissing the Tories from
power for evermore, provided that the new gov...
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What is Labour?
Michael Prior writes: It is obvious that Britain is not Greece or Spain. Those
hot-headed Latins can switch parties and entire political systems without a
moment’s thought. But we have a calm and sensible system which accepts that
what was good enough for o...
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