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Welcome the the Center for Conservatism Google+ Page!

On behalf of the CFC, I would like to extend my gratitude to those learning about and supporting the CFC's endeavor to promote civil, intelligent, and fresh Conservative dialog while we develop tomorrow's Conservative thinkers and leaders. Those thinkers and leaders are you!

Your contribution to the content and conversation here is vital to our purpose because each of us has a challenge ahead; we can either water the tree of liberty or we can stand by and watch it wither. Thank you for helping to water and tend, thank you for helping to preserve our nation's freedom and liberty!

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please let me know. I would love hear from you.

Happy Trails!

David Stuckenberg, President and Founder
Center for Conservatism
- Strengthening our Conservative foundations in this generation and the next!

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The Center for Conservatism is a non-profit for promoting cutting edge conservative thinking and the development of tomorrow's leaders.

                            The Center for Conservatism

Our Core Beliefs

The CFC believes that on a foundational level Conservatism is not constrained by party boundaries, but rather Conservatism is a system of beliefs that stems from faith, morality, and  the law.  For it is the free exercise of faith that gives birth to morality; it is morality that cries for justice; and it is justice that demands the rule of law – these are the foundations of our liberty and they cannot be separated.

The CFC believes there should be no dichotomy of personal and professional life (ethics and professional conduct go hand-in-hand); and to be leaders we must at all times demonstrate fidelity in our ethics and choices. We also believe that to make the greatest impact, we must live our philosophies in our politics – we are "Philitical"! Phil – itical: being comprised  of mutually supportive ideals based in both the philosophical and the political. 

The CFC believes that citizens participating in the democratic process should at all times demonstrate fair and civil dialog. The CFC also believes that the opposing view should be treated  with respect and  honesty. Likewise, we believe that our ideas and views should be treated with fairness, civility, respect, and honesty.

 We believe in the sovereignty and preservation of our Constitution, our right to worship freely, our democratic system, our freedom, our liberty, and our free market economic system. We believe it is the responsibility of every citizen to take an active role in the preservation democracy. We believe that a strong defense is vital to the safety of our nation. We believe in  the right of every man and woman to pursue happiness, but not the guarantee thereof. 

We believe that America's greatest capacity is unleashed when our citizens are given the freedom to  innovate, develop, and create under fair, but not oppressive laws and regulations. We believe in fair but not oppressive taxation. And we believe that our government remains, by the people and for the people. We believe in a balanced budget and fiscal responsibility. We believe that the proven principals of conservatism offer America the best chance at preserving our nations vitality and greatness.        

Our Mission

Create an influential sphere of ideas both inside and outside the Conservative community – by creating a cadre of balanced Conservative thinkers and experts who mentor, advise, empower, and live their values…

Develop reform-minded individuals and candidates who will work to strengthen the foundations of our government through Conservatism…

Bolster deserving Conservative causes by building coalitions and contributing to other reform -minded Conservative organizations…

Foster new thought and fresh insights by promoting the exchange of philitical ideals by furnishing scholarships, essay contests, and awards for Conservatives  at every level… every stage of life…

Revive Conservatism by sponsoring seminars, lectures, and forums to educate and promote ethics, values, and the philitical viewpoint…

The center for conservatism is a non-profit, non-partisan organization.  For more information, contact us at: 

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