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American Leadership & Policy Foundation
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Our Philosophy:

Today, America faces an array of internal and external challenges from security and immigration to healthcare and the economy. The ALPF believes that each citizen of the greatest nation on earth has a vital role to play in the preservation of our way of life. Each American has to choose to help water the Tree of Liberty through civic engagement and help guide our leaders to the right choices or stand by and allow it to whither as special interests dominate the conversation and direct our leaders to the wrong choices.

Our Mission: 
The ALPF believes that providing the right information, in the right way, at the right time is critical to helping government officials have the necessary information to make lasting commonsense reforms that both enhance our republic and society. In a climate where policy makers are lobbied daily by entities with agendas often contrary to the public interest, the ALPF is working to establish itself as a trusted resource and counter balance.

At the ALPF, some of our nation’s most talented innovators are working to find practical commonsense solutions our toughest challenges. To meet these challenges, the ALPF has embarked on an ambitious twofold mission:

1.       To change America’s leadership climate by developing dynamic leaders who are dedicated to public service above self, partisanship, and special interests.

2.       To provide an unbiased and trusted source of research to ensure the public and decision makers understand how various issues and policies impact Americans.

Leaders at the ALPF have moved past partisanship and finger pointing. Our dedicated fellows understand that we can and must work together for the preservation of our republic. It’s that simple. Eleanor Roosevelt noted: “Understanding is a two way street.” We agree. Regardless of party affiliation we understand that our republic is our common interest and that we can achieve great things if we are willing to build on our common ground and learn from each other.

The ALPF accomplishes its twofold mission in three ways:

·         Sustainable Leadership Development

·         Policy Research and Analysis

·         Outreach and Education 
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The American Leadership & Policy Foundation National Headquarters
1201 N.W. Briarcliff Parkway
Second Floor
Kansas City, Missouri 64116
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Contact info
The American Leadership & Policy Foundation 1201 N.W. Briarcliff Parkway Second Floor Kansas City, Missouri 64116


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