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Noobs and Their paintbrush
Miniature painting, wargamming, reviews and unboxing
Miniature painting, wargamming, reviews and unboxing

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Looking for an alternative.
We live in a world where if you have a hobby and need something people will make something for the hobby and charge a fortune when you can normally find the same or an alternative for a lot less.   I was told about an alternative to make water effect and th...

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Q and A with Javier Gonzalez
We are very happy to bring you a Q and A with Javier Gonzelez from Arsies Studio. About yourself? My Name is Javier Gonzalez. I was born in Gijon, Spain in 1980. Currently residing in Ubrique in the province of Cadiz How long have you been painting and what...

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Crewe Show
Over the Weekend I went to the South Cheshire Military Modeling club Show in Crewe...... Have to say with this Show lighting was a huge issue because it was in the herratage centre which as you will see in the picture below had the poorest lighting ever as ...

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Flying the Flag for noobs!
There are lots of ways people are able to show their support for things these days and we thought of a fun way people are able to show their support for not only Noobs and their paintbrush but for noobs everywhere. The idea is to take a picture including th...

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Q and A With Roman Lappat
We are very happy to bring you a Q and A with Roman Lappat Aka "Jarhead" How long have you been painting and what made you get into the hobby? I started my interest in miniatures and boardgames with HeroQuest back in the late 90s. I always enjoyed modelling...

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Bolton Ipms Show.
On Sunday I was at the Bolton Model show and it was great and a lot of great models and people........ (Very Pic Heavy) There were a few retailers and a lot of branches of the Ipms there. Also the show fell on the first bit of winter weather of the year and...

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Introducing a New Noob.
This month has turned out to be a very busy one for us at noobs and their paintbrush, we started the year with our new look blog and we have just come to the end of our first miniature review week. Now we are pleased to say a new Noob  has joined us with th...

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Shieldwolf Miniatures Week!
Shieldwolf Miniatures have asked us to review some of their miniatures before the start of their new Kickstarter tomorrow the 12th of January at 14:00 est (we will be linking to it as soon as it starts) so this week you will all get to see three miniatures ...

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Miniature Retailers
A comprehensive list of retailers   If you find an issue with anything or you have a shop you would like to have added to the list, please contact us using the link in the menu.  In no particular order. Company Name: ModelMates  Website:  http://www.modelma...

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Happy New Year!
What a Year we have had and what a Year we have planned....... Today it is our first Birthday as a blog and what a year it was we have grown a lot in our Firs year but we plan to do a lot more. The first thing you will notice is our new look blog. We also h...
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