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#FunctionPointAnalysisTraininginJakarta #FPATraining is Proud to announce the new course Software Estimation and Measurement using IFPUG FPA. The methodology is maintained by
the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG).
FPA quantifies the functionality delivered to the user based on expressed requirements - the "logical" view of size as opposed
to the physical or technical view.
The workshop provides participants with an enhanced understanding of:
• Function Point (FP) Counting
• Guidelines, hints, and examples to understand FP Counting
• Case study on use of Function Point in software estimation
• Use and limitation of Function Point technique
Certification is optional and left to be decided by the learner, if he decides to go for the certification,
then IFPUG will be the right body to confer the certification after complying with the requirements and off
course by passing the exam.

For More Information Please Visit:
Function Point Analysis(FPA) Training in Jakarta,Indonesia on 28th Apr,2014.
Sun, April 27, 11:30 PM
Alila Jakarta Jl. Pecenongan Kav. 7 - 17 Jakarta Pusat 10120, Indonesia

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knowledge hut

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#CertifiedScrumMasterTraining #CSMTraining #CSMCertification  

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Training and Certification with Scrum Alliance.

We would like to share and impart you with our upcoming, most exclusive and valuable “Certified ScrumMaster” workshop
and certification training program in India.

Delhi,NCR 12th - 13th Apr 2014.

Workshop Outlook:

With the ever growing need to learn agile and scrum, here is an advancement to get internationally
accredited Certified ScrumMaster, which can help you plan your projects in parts and will ensure that
you will definitely have some deliverable at a given stage.

During our CSM (Certified ScrumMaster) training program (2 day) we emphasize facilitation,
leadership and communication over traditional waterfall model.

During the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) training, all aspects of Scrum will be covered both in theory and practice.
You will learn about the Scrum values and principles and the way in which these contribute to the success of your project.
By means of group exercises
throughout the course and you will gain practical knowledge and you will experience what it is like to work in a Scrum team.

Course Background:

During this 2-day workshop, you will apply the Scrum framework to build a new product/service. You will learn what it feels
like to be on a Scrum team - experiencing many of the challenges you're likely to face - while being coached by someone involved
with the application of Scrum at many organizations. This “learning by doing” style of instruction demands your open mind
and active participation.
Experiential activities will be applied to discussion of advanced topics such as how to use Scrum in multiple-team organizations;
how to measure progress empirically at a macro level; release planning to maximize ROI; and why such a simple framework disrupts
organizations to be the best they can be.

For More Information Please Visit:
Certified ScrumMaster(CSM) Training in Delhi,NCR 12th - 13th Apr 2014.
Fri, April 11, 11:30 PM
The Muse Sarovar Portico A-1, Chirag Enclave, Nehru Place New Delhi, Delhi 110048 India

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#PMPCertificationTraininginMexicoCity #PMP  

Video feedback about PMP training conducted in Mexico City.
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Business Case Writing Training Course in Hongkong | Knowledgehut.Com

#BCWTrainingCourse #Knowledgehut  
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knowledge hut

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#AgileandScrumTraininginBoston #AgileandScrum   

The one-day Agile and Scrum training that offers 8PDUs is aimed at instilling the core beliefs of Agile and Scrum,
and creating a transparent and collaborative environment where the team succeeds as a single entity. This course teaches
the principles and practices that make Scrum effective at managing projects. The course uses the principles of Scrum,
where the learning outcome is driven by the needs of the participants, through a combination of expert instruction and
self-directed learning.

The learning objectives and benefits of this training, to list a few, are:
1. Understand how Scrum can be used to deliver quality products .
2. Get everyone in your team aligned around the roles of Scrum so that expectations from each role is clear .
3. Clarify on how to do detailed planning and estimation using Scrum .
4. The team will learn to be self-organized and own the product so no micromanagement is necessary.
5. The team will be highly motivated to produce best results. They will learn to respect each other and collaborate effectively.
6. Enable your team in getting early feedback from your customer about Product progress. Having the customer engaged
continuously in the development process will ensure there are no surprises in that regard.
The team can see results quickly and have early feedback from customers, thus ensuring no rework is necessary.
7. Having the customer engaged continuously in the development process will ensure there are no surprises in that regard.
The team can see results quickly and have early feedback from customers, thus ensuring no rework is necessary.
8. Regular meetings between the members of the team would cut down on expectation gaps and result in timely issue
resolution or escalation. Retrospectives & refactoring of methods should translate into better productivity and less firefighting.
9. The cross-functional team working together, reduces bugs and helps to spot problems earlier. This would make problems
less painful to solve and reduce their impact.
These are only a few of the benefits that a sound knowledge of Agile and Scrum offer, read more here.
About the trainers: Our trainers are Scrum practitioners and thought leaders who have been introducing teams
to the values and foundations of Scrum, and helping them adapt it in their project.

For More Information Please Visit:
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KnowledgeHut (PMI Global R.E.P. 3757), a leading professional certification training provider is conducting a 2 day
PMP® Training Boot camp in Trivandrum.

KnowledgeHut assures PMP® aspirants through its blended learning methodology of PMP® Exam prep training,
which includes a balanced mix of classroom workshop and e-learning with mock tests and webinars.

Salient features of KnowledgeHut PMP® Training in Trivandrum:

1. PMP®-blended learning (2 days classroom with 16 PDU + 100days of online training with 19 PDU on LMS)
2. This is a blended model program wherein each participant gets 2 days live classroom training with the instructor
3. Course materials in sync with PMI and PMBOK 5th edition standards
4. 6 PMP® Practice Tests & PMP® formula flash cards

For More Information Please Visit:
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PMP Certification Training in Shanghai | Knowledgehut.Com

#PMPTraining #PMPCertification #Knowledgehut  
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Business Case Writing Training Course in Singapore | Knowledgehut.Com

#BCWTrainingCourse #knowledgehut  
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The Company name ConnaissancesHut is formed coining two different words from two different languages. The first word 'CONNAISSANCES' taken from French language means 'KNOWLEDGE' and the second word 'HUT' which simply denote a hut or a 'HOUSE'. The meaning is to say that we have abundant knowledge saved in a hut and wanting to spread it to the world.

The company is formed by globally likeminded people from the training, marketing & sales, operations IT industry, who felt the need for such a marketplace for trainings and consulting business globally. The idea was born and the company was incorporated 2011. The team consists of engineers, management and IT professionals with a passion to contribute to growth of the company and providing value for customers.

Our goal is to be your first choice in finding practical, state-of-the-art workforce development solutions.

At KnowledgeHut, Inc. we realize that the solutions we provide mean very little unless they create value for you, our client.

When you choose KnowledgeHut, Inc., you are choosing a solution partner – one that will see to it that you receive the value you deserve and the results you are looking for. As we always strive to deliver our customer expectations.

Knowledgehut has pioneered the Global blended Model of approach (GBMA), which emerged as a effective way of making training and learning easier for individuals and corporates in the industry, which is also applicable to the consulting services that we provide. The GBMA is based on the principle of providing a blended way of learning through extensive online training* along with traditional classroom based learnings, where it makes the best economic sense, with the least amount of acceptable risk.

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