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James Whelan
Don't let money sabotage your Dreams and Goals!
Don't let money sabotage your Dreams and Goals!

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Ah Spring! Wanna buy a new home?
Yes it’s that time of year when for-sale and
open house signs are sprouting like spring flowers on lawns and buildings and
the dream of buying a home is in full bloom. 
Buying a home is one of the biggest commitments, financial, emotional
and other a person...

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Life Insurance? Give me some toppings!!
Back to our discussion on life insurance.   We covered the basics in Wanna bet... on my life! and then the vanilla of the life
insurance world, Term insurance, in Life Insurance? A little vanilla please!    Now the toppings!! . Permanent Life insurance , li...

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ORPP...Good thing? Too Paternal? Or Gone?
Or? The ORPP or Ontario Retirement Pension Plan has
been in the news a lot over the past few months.  Is it a good thing? Does it help people in a
way they don’t want to be helped? Or will the change in federal government mean
it will be replaced by somethi...

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Life Insurance? A little vanilla please!
After my last posting, you should understand the basics of life insurance.  When you start talking about the different types and options though, it’s like walking into an ice store… so many flavours and toppings.  It’s hard to make a decision.  Let’s start ...

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Wanna bet…on my life?
Do you know how long you’re going to live?   If we did, it would be so much easier to get all our financial affairs in order and make arrangements to limit the impact on everyone around us.   But we don’t, so what’s the alternative? We
could have a bet with...

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That's not the right Price!
I remember as a kid, my parents coming home from the weekly grocery shopping trip and helping them check off the grocery prices against the cash register receipt.  Quite frequently, the prices didn’t match.  This was back when employees looked at the item p...

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Beware. People are Phishing!!!
You may have guessed I’m not talking about the leisure activity some people enjoy with boats, rods and reels, lures and depending on who you talk to... hours of boring waiting.  I’m talking about using electronic means to trick you into giving up confidenti...

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Stop making interest-free loans to the government!
Got your attention?  Let me explain.   I just finished doing my family’s tax returns and like every year, after putting all the information into the app I use, I cross my fingers for a big refund.  I run down to tell my wife and we have a happy moment about...

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The price made me do it!!!
It's been a while since my last posting.   My last couple have discussed disability and critical illness insurance.   Before we take on life insurance, a really meaty topic, I'm going to divert a bit into a few other topics while I figure out how to break u...

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Sickness, Injury and Death – Are you ready? Critical Illness Insurance
During my last posting, we discussed Disability
Insurance so now on to Critical Illness insurance.  Thanks to all the people contributing to this
posting, especially Andrew Tsoi-A-Sue,
Principal, Eckler
Ltd ; Liz Horn, Program Manager,
Insurance, RBC Wealth...
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