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soul extract
Alternative Rock injected with Electronic and Cinematic elements. Visit for more details.
Alternative Rock injected with Electronic and Cinematic elements. Visit for more details.


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Anyone else not getting any CPU related stats?
All $rm CPU stats are 0

I'm on a Galaxy note 8 only change I can think of was a recent firmware update.

Hello all!

I'm trying to find some clarification on the sh() function timeout.

In the documentation, it states that the default timeout is 1 minute, however if my command takes longer than 3 seconds to run, I get a "Timeout".


$sh("sleep 3 ; echo test")$


$sh("sleep 3 ; echo test", 30, 1)$


Attempt at a CPU usage graph by using global vars with the timer utility

cpu01 is the initial entry point into the graph
The other vars simply read the previous var at a delayed interval.

cpu01 var: $tu(seq, 1/60, rm(cused), rm(cused))$

cpu02 var: $tu(seq, 1/30, gv(cpu01), rm(cpu01))$

cpu03 var: $tu(seq, 1/20, gv(cpu02), rm(cpu02))$

...and so on...

Several issues with this.
- the timer utility is lacking a simple mode for general usage like this, so I'm having to hack the seq mode and put rm(cused) for both start and ending sequence.
- the timer utility updates every second if there's a function embedded instead of a static number.

Surely there is some way to achieve this.
Pulling my hair out in this one. :P

Thanks for any help.

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Got tired of blue, so changed extractionui up a bit. ☺️

I'll gladly link if anyone wants this.

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Wow! My android interface just reached 50 thousand downloads! Too bad it's free. πŸ˜‰
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Artwork: Martin Nancekeivill -

Animation: Premium Music HQ -
Animated Photo

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+Frank Monza​ Any idea why this weird thing is happening lol?

Thinking there needs to be a more user-friendly way to correct app shortcuts.
Any possible way to do this?

- User taps a touch element with a broken shortcut
- App list pops up and allows the user to choose which app to link


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ExtractionUI is now live on the play store for free!

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Having this performance issue when coming out of a memory intensive app. Preset has 59 non-shape root elements and most have animation elements with functions that are DISABLED when not visible.

I know a little lag is expected in this situation, so am I simply trying to do too much?

Thanks for any help!
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