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Thinking about renting from Braden Fellman Group in Atlanta? DON'T DO IT.

In the beginning of our leasing with Braden Fellman, things were fine. However during the second half of our lease, they went downhill. That was part of the reason we decided it was time to move. We originally intended on staying in our apartment in Collier Flats for 3-4 years. Our direct leasing agent was great and the maintenance staff is very helpful. The problem is the people in the corporate office on Ponce De Leon. Specifically, the property manager, Jessica. I have never felt so disposable and unimportant as a resident. We were not looking for any special treatment, but basic courteous customer service. Jessica was far too important to care how residents feel, what their complaints are, or to return simple phone calls. If you want to speak with her or meet with her, you have to walk in the corporate office unannounced and basically ambush her into having a verbal conversation. Other than that, she could care less. Furthermore when I wanted to go to her supervisor with my complaints, concerns, and questions, I was put on hold by the receptionist for 30mins (until the office closed) while she went to Jessica's office to tell her I was on the phone asking for her supervisor. I know this because QUITE CONVENIENTLY I then, at that moment while I was on hold, received a very dismissive brief email, the first time she responded in a full week, telling me she was busy and I just needed to wait until she could get to me. Contrary to her apparent belief, we are all busy. I am also an adult with a full time job. If I have customer service is in my job description and I don't perform my duties because I'm "busy", my supervisor would NOT be happy (From other internet reviews I have seen, she has always had a nasty attitude). I am now looking for public business records to find a contact for the owners myself and speaking to lawyers about what my next move is should Braden Fellman try to get more money out of us. I want it to be noted that I went on the BBB site and saw that they tried to extort money from another resident late last month (maybe earlier this week) who had moved from their complex 2 years ago. Now that complaint is conveniently gone but I want it noted that it did exist. Mind you we put our notice in early and inquired with our direct leasing agent about move out choices and procedures. That agent gave us incorrect information and then "left" Braden Fellman shortly before we moved. From what Jessica told me, we were one of five other residents who had been given incorrect information but I can tell no compromise or effort would be made to make things right and leave favorably. I would say think long and hard before you lease a Braden Fellman property. You are replaceable and if you have complaints or concerns, they could care less. The attitude is: if you don't like it, move. We have been physically gone from Collier Flats with our keys turned in for over a week now. They could get us out of their hair if they would just respond to phone calls, answer very simple questions, and keep us updated on our lease, our issue with the incorrect information, and our deposit pay back. This negative review could have been avoided with some basic customer service. And yet, here we are.
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