Bay Area FreeBSD Users Group meeting this Thursday, June 14 at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View.


from: David Wolfskill
date: Thu, Jun 7, 2012 at 9:21 PM
subject: [Announce] Thu 14 June 2012 BAFUG meeting: Hacker Dojo, Mountain View

One week from tonight is another BAFUG meeting.

We're back to Hacker Dojo: 140 S. Whisman Rd., Mountain View.  Please
note that not all of the parking spaces for the building are for Hacker
Dojo; also, we will (generally) be "Event Attendees," and should thus
register as such.

As has usually been the case when we meet at Hacker Dojo, we are to meet
on the Deck (upper floor).

The meeting (proper) starts at 7:00 PM (1900 hrs. local).

FreeBSD stuff:

A second proposal for the release schedule for 9.1 has been made on
developers@; target for release date is around mid-August -- but that's
still quite tentative.  Ken Smith plans to make a more formal
announcement once a decision has been made.

A while back, I mentioned an issue we encountered at work involving
accessing an NFS-resident file via mmap().  That appears to have been
addressed in head and the stable branches now.

Oh -- I recently found out how to make use of a 2nd monitor on my

During BSDCan, Mitsuru IWASAKI ported some suspend/resume logic for
SMP/i386 from SMP/amd64; the versions for head and stable/9 worked
for me, but stable/8 did not.  (We suspect that the SMP/amd64 logic
didn't work, either, underr stable/8.)  Enough of the stable/9
patches have now been committed that I am able to suspend/resume
on my laptop reliably (even from within X) -- when I'm running

Speaking of stable/9, in addition to my usual daily tracking of head,
stable/9, and stable/8 (using default gcc), I've also been tracking
stable/9 built with clang on a daily basis.  I find that it works (which
is good); even better, it inter-operates OK with (e.g.) ports built
under stable/8 using gcc.  The color warnings are ... interesting. :-)

And speaking of BSDCan -- a few things:
* Baptiste Daroussin (bapt@) announced "pkgng" (to much cheering
  and applause from those attending his talk).

* The FreeBSD doc & www CVS repositories have been in read-only mode for
  the last couple of weeks, which is their expected end-state: the doc
  repo has migrated to SVN (and there is no "CVS exporter," as there is
  for src); www is all generated pages (IIRC).

* We have a new Security Officer -- Colin (Percival -- cperciva@) felt
  that he no was longer able to devote the time and attention to
  it that the job required; Simon Nielsen (simon@) is the new Security
  Officer.  (And we've had a couple of Security Advisories since that
  status change.)

* I found it amusing to hear Peter (Wemm -- peter@) saying "What could
  possibly go wrong?" from time to time as our paths would sometimes
  cross. :-}  Well, that, as well as his "Pearls Before Swine" T-shirts.

MeetBSD California is to be at Yahoo! in November.  Early-bird
registration is available before 30 June; see
<> for registration; see Matt's full
announcemnt at
< ypNsv1TVXV-+w>.

In response to my request for stuff to mention here, Jesse responded

| Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 11:28:15 -0700
| Subject: Re: [Chat] Anything for the June announcment?
| From: Jesse Monroy <>
| To: David Wolfskill <>
| Cc:
| Thanks David,
| Formally, I have two short talks ready on mobile and wireless.
| 1) The Android Devices and Sensors
| This is self explanitory and very short.
| 2) NFC (Near Field Communications)  near you.
| NFC, invented in Europe, has been widely deployed in
| Japan, and is gain wide acceptance in Europe. Today
| in the US it is limited to financial use, but come and see
| how this technically operates and some of the possible
| deployment for the US and third-world countries.
| 3) Informal discussion about GNU Radio and BSD & wifi.
| Last night at SVLUG they had a great talk about GNU Radio.
| It has some interesting uses, which we should discuss informally, but
| I want to invite anyone interested in these topic.
| |=20
| Thanks=20
| Jesse

See you in a week!

David H. Wolfskill
Depriving a girl or boy of an opportunity for education is evil.

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