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Navigating the Marketing Maze
Helping Entrepreneurs More Effectively Market Themselves
Helping Entrepreneurs More Effectively Market Themselves


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Great Book Review from Tyler Tichelaar, author of the Narrow Lives Series.
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Navigating the Marketing Maze arrived on Thursday! The books look great! Get your autographed copy here: 
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Navigating the Marketing Maze is now listed on They still have to upload the cover photos, but this is definite progress.
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Making progress!

I spent the weekend and a good part of yesterday reading my book proof from cover to cover. It's quite good, if I must say so myself. It actually felt like I was reading somebody else's book. It sucked me in and that's usually what happens with a good book. It is unusual for me to read a 300 plus page book in 2-1/2 days but I did it.

I had a bunch of formatting changes that I had to make, headers that were wrong and paragraphs that didn't have the necessary space between them and a few places where I noticed that I had missed a word. But that is all fixed now and I should get the final proof tomorrow.

I should see the dust jacket cover proof today!
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To all my friends,

You asked me to let you know when my book would be available so you could buy a copy, now is that time.

My book will be available in stores everywhere and on and November 1st.

But you can pre-order a copy now and receive three ebooks to read this month and I will ship you an autographed, personalized copy of my first edition (Sure to be a collector's item) as soon as the books arrive. (Projected ship date to me is 10/24/12)

You can purchase your copy here:
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Yesterday I build the website for my book, it needs a little tweaking but I am happy with it. Go to to check it out and let me know what you think.
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Editing is finished, interior book design is finished, and the dust jacket is finished. Waiting on Printing quotes.
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Here is a link to my store where you can get the pre-purchase special.
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Praise for Navigating the Marketing Maze

“A must read if you are operating your business on a limited budget, and are serious about making big money!”
~ Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author
Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

“Loaded with practical and easy-to-use information, Navigating the Marketing Maze gives you a compass pointing you in the right direction to profitable business.”
~ Susan Friedmann, CSP, Best-Selling Author
Riches in Niches

“Andy’s book is the match to light your flame. Before you know it, you’ll have a bonfire! If you want to Spark Success, read this book with a pen in hand and remember to bring the hot dogs!”
~ Mark Matteson, Best-Selling Author
Freedom from Fear, Freedom from Fear Forever,
and A Simple Choice

“Extremely insightful! If you want or need a deeper understanding of the confusing business marketing maze, Andy is your man and this is your resource.”
~ Al Foxx, Author
No Limits 2nd Edition

“A great mixture of creative insight, common sense, and motivation—told in a personal style that is Andy’s trademark. His years of experience as both entrepreneur and corporate marketer really come through.”
~ Brett Knobloch, President
Content on Demand
JG Sullivan Interactive, Inc. Chicago, Illinois

“Andy’s book has helped ACB develop a realistic implementable marketing plan. We included cost-effective social media along with traditional media mix without breaking our budget.”
~ Jack Benrubi, VP of Sales
The Advertising Checking Bureau, Inc., New York, New York

“This book should be standard issue to every bank’s new business borrower. Takes the mystique out of creating and marketing a new business, and increases the chances of success by 1,000 percent. This is a must read.”
~ Peter Coles, Managing Director (retired)
Wunda Automotive Products Pty.Ltd, Sydney, Australia

“Wow, I have always respected Andy’s expertise in marketing and in business and am pleased to recommend this book. This is a must not only for business owners but for officers and directors.”
~ Dr. Brian E. Perryman, M.B.A., Ed.D.
Director, Professional Training Center
Rose State College, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Too many great ideas fail to start or fail to thrive because the terrain ahead looks too rough. Andy has expertly broken the journey into its individual steps, making the climb seem not nearly as steep.”
~ John McGauley, Recorder of Deeds
Allen County, Indiana

“When we are setting audacious goals—as Andy recommends—we need great teachers! Wherever you’re headed, Andy Fracica can help you get there. This is one butt-kicker of a book.”
~ Joanna Cummings, M.Ed., (aka: Nicci Tina) Author
Kick Butts, Take Names

“A homerun, Andy has knocked it out of the park with his marketing secrets for entrepreneurs; every desk should have a copy.”
~ Terry Crow, President
Spectrum Geothermal Heat Pumps, Inc, Lehi, Utah

“Andy’s ideas are easy to understand and implement. They are economical for businesses on a limited budget and they are effective. I have been working with him to market my businesses over the last year; his principles work.”
~ Mike Kaufman, President
Kaufman Well Drilling, Inc. Waterloo, Indiana

“One of those rare books on marketing that makes sense. Andy writes from experience and you have a ringside seat to the joys, frustrations, fears, and triumphs of conceiving a good plan and bringing it to life.”
~ Richard Harshaw, President
Lodestar Consulting Systems, Inc.
Author, Pricing for Profit and The Power of Throughput

“In today’s changing world, we need the practical advice that Andy offers to set up a stable and lasting business.”
~ H. C. (Joe) Raymond, Author
Embracing Change from The Inside Out

“Navigating the Marketing Maze gives you the tools you need to negotiate the twists and turns of business in the twenty-first century. Read it and chart a course for success!”
~ Tracey C. Jones, President,
Tremendous Life Books, Mechanicsburg, PA
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