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rich brunner
Home learning electronics tinker, auto tinkering, Electrician by trade.
Home learning electronics tinker, auto tinkering, Electrician by trade.
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I just tweeted this "Why only violence committed with a firearm matter to society. Instead of protesting #GunViolence why not protest all #violence. #Justice. " It doesn't make sense to me that all these people blindly jump on this anti gun band wagon blaming guns for all the violence. Meanwhile they barely bat and eye of someone is murdered by drowning, or stabbing or even just physically beaten. Even children hurt or murdered by other means don't get the attention that one shot gets. We don't need specifically gun control but a solution to our violent society. We need to keep violent offenders off the street, need to remove the gangs from our society. We need to block the illegal trades in drugs, weapons, humans etc... illegal items flow into and out of the U.S. End all violence not just one form.

All right ladies, what should be in a man's closet or dare I ask what shouldn't be.

Anyone have any recommendations on how to best market Pampered chef? My wife just started selling it.

Anyone up and about? I'm bored

Anyone got any recommendations on flexible or work from home jobs?

While I was at Bay Area Maker Faire. I collected many business cards and other information on products, ideas etc... As soon as I get time I am going to try to figure out a way to share it all in a easy format.

Getting ready to watch a warship battle at bay area maker faire 

Brains are sexy.

Does anyone want to do a hardware hack or chat night coming up either at hack Portland or elsewhere? 

Who all is going tonight? I was thinking of going but long day at work. So not sure I'm up too it. Does anyone want to try and schedule some sort of theme nights?
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