How to get to the G+ community in less taps

If you have the Google+ app installed, it takes several taps to get to this community, launch the app, press communities, find Today in iOS, and, finally, tap it. That's too much! So I decided to make it easier, and share the result with you.

(1) To get to this community in the Google+ app, type this in mobile safari and press the return key:

The Google+ app will launch, and you see this community. Great! But we're not there yet.

(2) Go back to Mobile Safari, where you'll see the web version of our community. Bookmark the website.

(3) Next, go to your bookmarks, locate the previously made bookmark and edit it. Change the title to something memorable, like "Today in iOS G+", and, more importantly, change the https in the url into gplus, after which you'll get something like:


Tap the done button twice, so you'll get back to your bookmarks view.

Now tap the bookmark to experience the magic of url schemes.

Mobile Safari may ask you to confirm if you want to open this url in the Google+ app. So, in that case, it will still take two taps to get from Mobile Safari to our community in the Google+ app. However, Safari didn't me ask every time, so sometimes it will only take one tap. I suppose it has something to do with tightened security.

You can also use apps like Launch Center Pro to make it a clickable item, I suppose (don't have a copy of that app, so I haven't checked), using the above gplus url.

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