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Marijuana Nonna showing how to make cannabutter with marijuana leaves
Marijuana Nonna who is a 91 yr old cook who uses medical marijuana in her cooking. In this video Marijuana Nonna uses the leaves of a marijuana plant (that's right the leaves, not the buds) to make a butter that can be used for cookies, brownies or any reci...

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A Simple Marijuana infused Olive Oil Recipe to cook with on the fly
I use olive oil exclusively, and one of the ways I prepare it on the fly is like this when I'm about to cook dinner: 1 gram of bud leaves per person 1 stack of stems the rest of the ingredients First I heat the oil in a frying pan, then stir and fry the ste...

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Cost effectiveness of edibles
Most potheads prefer to get high off of as little weed as possible, even
if they make 200k a year. Well if I made 200k a year I would smoke
way, way too much... but let's not go there. Anyways, edibles have a
funny dose-response curve to them. I know ...

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Super Easy and Fast Crock Pot Cannabutter recipe
If you have ever used a Crock pot you know that they make life easy! Throw raw food in Crock pot. Go to work. Come home, and supper is done! Well making weed butter in a Crockpot is super easy and a bit less hands on than using a double boiler, and a lot mo...

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The Easy Cannabutter Recipe
Here is an awesome easy weed butter recipe that I tend to use time and time again. The backbone of eating weed in delicious foods is.... CANNABUTTER
Cannbutter, thankfully, is some easy stuff to make and incredibly
versatile. Theres guides to it all over t...

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Dosing your edibles and a guide to the "high"
If you have never cooked with weed before or have never had any pot brownies you might be wondering what the high is like from eating marijuana. I will try my best to describe it, also you will learn how to dose your edibles. When you cook with marijuana th...
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