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Debby Kurti
A girl geek who loves teaching community college from the middle of knowhere.
A girl geek who loves teaching community college from the middle of knowhere.


I've been getting this message for the past few weeks when trying to run AC
"Something is wrong. This should not be taking this long :("

Sometimes it will continue to run in the background and sometimes I have to restart the app.

Today, when this happened, I also received an email that stated:
"The Google Sheets add-on AutoCrat is set to run automatically at a specific time interval, when a form is submitted, or both.

The add-on recently ran but was not able to complete successfully for the following reason:

Unable to talk to trigger service"

Is there a way around this? Or is it a temporary glitch?

Question: Formatting for checkbox items

Is there a way to change the output formatting for checkbox items? For example, currently, if multiple checkbox items are selected on the form, the output on the template runs them all together, with a comma to separate. I would like them to list, with one option on each line. The icing on the cake would be able to select a bullet point for the list items as well. It would be useful to be able to select which format (paragraph or list) for those items. Not sure if that's possible, so this might actually be a feature request :)

Current output:
dog, cat, frog, goat, chicken, cow

Preferred output:

I just upgraded my grade spreadsheet to AC3. I've done this on some other sheets without an issue for the most part. This sheet has multiple tabs that I use for calculating specific assignment grades and then I use AC to send out a rubric template to the students.

When I upgraded this time, AC is only pulling tags from the first sheet (the grade totals) and not the specific assignment tab I am on when I opened AC. I don't see a way to designate which tab to pull the merge data from. Is this a glitch?

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Typically I use several forms throughout the semester to collect info from students and then use autocrat to send them a copy of their responses. Previously this meant several sheets with individual forms. With the new forms and autocrat add-on, I wanted to try something new. It sounds good in theory but isn't quite working in reality. 

I have one grade book spreadsheet with tabs for several different assignments. Now that more than one form can attach to a single sheet, I've added in a couple of the assignments that use forms for input. I've set up two different autocrat merges, each with their own input sheet and response template, both run on submit. When I go to submit either form, the first one will work fine. Email goes out, info is included, all is well. Any submissions after that goes a little haywire. Regardless of which form is submitted, it looks like both merges run and both end up with "undefined" printed in the fields. 

I've deleted the lines, tried it a number of times in different ways, and things still get crossed up. Any ideas?

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This makes me unbelievably happy!
Merge table cells in Docs
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Date/Time format  question
I have a date field on my form that includes the time. The date/time information is showing in the spreadsheet without a problem. However, in the merge template, only the date shows up. Is there some sort of formatting I need to do to the cell to make sure the time also merges into the template? 
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I just thought of something that would be useful as I am sending out a final grade check to my students. This is their chance to see what is missing and notify me if there are any errors. The merge runs smoothly, so this might not be an autocrat question per se.

Is it possible to highlight a specific number or phrase (0 or "not submitted") when the template is filled with data from the spreadsheet. For example, all items matching that condition would be highlighted yellow. This would be similar to a conditional formatting in a spreadsheet, but I'm not sure if it would work on a doc template. Any thoughts?

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