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Lol been awhile

Now I know this is not Facebook, and I am glad it isn't even though most of my friends have yet to migrate here but anyways... I was hoping that one person can write something on anothers profile. I hope I am not the only one that wishes for this but any thoughts?

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Oh no. Why can't they keep everything hidden until the release. It is no fun anymore.

Wow, I am starting to be able to say 'There is an app for that on the Windows store' +Windows 8 

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People who want to make your cover photo 'normal' here is a video tutorial. Change your Google Plus Cover Photo Size [March 2013] #coverphoto  

When will the Google+ Local app for iOS be updated for my iPhone 5 and because well, really, it has not been updated in a while.

Is there a way I can switch back to the old cover photo? The one just before this huge one?

OMG. Please get the cover photo back to the way it was. Nobody is enjoying it. seriously +Google+ Developers  I hope you are joking

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We need the cover photo back when it gets as bad as the picture shows you know it....

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Looks like I will be doing more videos for jailbreaking.
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