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#GooglePlus #HappyBug
Toi aussi fait ton rebelle en faisant bugger Google+ !
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" You can add up to 5,000 profiles and pages across all of your circles.

Hmmm ....
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Lunix Watt

Discussion  - 
Hi everyone!
I'm currently reinstalling Linux and I want to discover all pieces of my system because I like understanding how my system works, so I can do choices while being aware of what I do.

However, despite reading for hours about systemd, everything explaining it assumes either a lot of specific knowledge about how Linux initializes – but I don't have this knowledge – or it's rather very global, basically saying “it's a glue between kernel and applications" (I thought that the kernel was already a glue between hardware and applications, why another glue is needed?)

So I would want to know:
1. Why there's a boot process? A PID 1? Why do we need either init or systemd? How it works? Some background that will help me to understand what's broken in sysvinit, and what systemd brings.
2. What was broken with sysvinit?
3. Why D-Bus is important and is an advantage for systemd?
4. What means the "RC" acronym we can see in OpenRC for example?
5. GNOME seems to use both systemd and network manager, but systemd have networkd. Don't they overlap?
6. Some talks about shell being slow? What's slow in shell?
7. One of the systemd developers did a comparison with other init systems. However, a lot of the boxes was talking about features I don't understand, so a better overview of systemd enhancements will be helpful.
8. How can logind make a process logged in as an user? Via setuid? How does it works?
9. Why another glue is needed? Once you can run any complied program, we run an initialization system just to bring up features to other applications, or it's fully needed and we can't get rid of? Like could we run only a simple root shell instead?

You don't need to reply to all questions, you can just reply to some.
Have a nice day!
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Thanks for all your replies, it was helpful and nice to see people taking time to explain to new users what's going on.

Systemd seems to be a nice move, despite the ugly press about it, talking of systemd as the Machiavellian boot system taking over every distribution.

+Chungy Nexen​​​ Thanks for your reply!

1. Basically, when you say it can start services, you mean that it can start process and makes them services easily because they are not attached from a terminal, unlike when we launch process from a terminal?

2. Thanks for giving me reading, I'll look at it! :)

5. I just use what GNOME uses for best integration, and the integration about network is made by NetworkManager while GNOME also counts on systemd.

+Jacob Keller​​​ 1. I think the hardest job is to orchestrate this in the right order, more than knowing what to launch. :p

6. Uh. You're right. I forgot this ugly aspect of shell scripts.  In theory, it could have been fixed by not spawning process for everything but making some string operations in place but, we would divert a bit from shell script and in this case we should rather use Python or Dart or anything applicable :p

However nowadays interpreted languages aren't that slow (for example, JavaScript compete easily with compiled languages with rates like 17% slower than C++ for a prime finder ( but the way shell scripts are designed is too much bad.

7. My question was: how a root C program can logout from root and then login as an user, since it fork-exec from a root process?

+Mantas Mikulėnas​​​ I didn't intend to trigger a big debate again :p

+Peter H.S.​​​ Really nice explanation, thanks (especially for the 2 that was unanswered so far)!

2. a. I understand that executable files can do anything while configuration files are bounded by the parser so there's less chances it does anything unexpected.

b. I'm about to say: finally! Meaning that this kind of job should be really made by computer and not by humans, there's no reason.

c. Shell scripts are hard to debug. I think we don't need more words :p

d. Good news it was made simpler then! It's always an happy move.

6. I like your first and latest sentence! I find it funny.

Well, I understand that it's pretty crazy to have awk as a dependency to boot a computer, it feels like ridiculous.

About the fossilized plumbing system, this remind me when you have three choices about sysloggers, but you don't really know what to choose, there's the legacy thing, and the enhanced thing, and then you don't even know how it works.

It's true that when you see the Linux kernel changelogs, you really feel it's evolving fast while the boot system seems really archaic, much like a big city with districts with shiny buildings and some others districts with old and ugly buildings. There's the exact same feeling with X and all the graphic system of Linux.

Hopefully as every point gets better, this feeling will stop :)
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Lunix Watt

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Post traduit en français disponible en dessous.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2015!
I always liked parties, the new year's holidays and so on, so I'm happy to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2015!
Hm…wait…now that I think about it, some people deserve a bad year: murderers, terrorists, Facebook users, Windows users, those who treat teddy bears badly (this is really a shame!), liars…

But I wanted to tell you a thought, I never understood why we let houses stay ugly all year except for a few days? It's for reminding us how terribly ugly it is, if we ever forget it? Luckily, the night is there to give our eyes a rest…

And by the way, the reindeers are liars! It's true, having a red nose doesn't help at all, my nose is just as cold as before, but they still persist in wearing it. Except if they want to look like clowns, it's absurd!

And finally, come to think of it, how do you think the Santa dresses in the tropics? Because the warmness would be unbearable inside his normal outfit coming directly from Arctic, but despite my open mindedness, I can't think about him in shorts seriously!

Now, once again, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2015!

Joyeuses fêtes et Bonne année 2015 !
J'ai toujours aimé les fêtes, les nouvelles années et compagnie, donc je suis content de vous souhaiter de joyeuses fêtes et une bonne année 2015 !
Ah euh... minute... maintenant que j'y pense, il y en a qui méritent une année bien pourrie : les meurtriers, les terroristes, les utilisateurs de Facebook, de Windows, ceux qui font du mal aux nounours (c'est vraiment une honte ça !), les menteurs…

Mais je voulais vous confier quelque chose, je n'ai jamais compris pourquoi on laisse les maisons moches toute l'année sauf pendant quelques jours ? C'est pour nous montrer chaque année combien c'est horriblement moche, au cas où on l’oublierait ? Heureusement qu'il y a la nuit pour reposer nos yeux…

Puis soit dit en passant, ces rennes sont des menteurs. C'est vrai, avoir le nez rouge n'aide pas du tout, j'ai toujours le bout du nez aussi froid et pourtant ils s'obstinent à en porter. À moins de vouloir passer pour des clowns, c'est absurde !

Et enfin, j'y pense, vous pensez que le père Noël est habillé comment dans les tropiques ? Non parce que la chaleur doit être insupportable dans son costume venu tout droit de l'Arctique, mais malgré mon ouverture d'esprit, impossible de l'imaginer en short sérieux !

Allez, encore une fois, joyeuses fêtes et bonne année 2015 à tous !
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'Cause, baby, you're a firewooooork
Come on, show 'em what you're woooorth
Make 'em go, "Aah, aah, aah"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y
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Hi everyone!
I need your help, so let me explain the situation and you will understand my questions
I do not know Dart at all, but I know what it is. Since now years, I refused to take a look on it. I remember when I saw Dart 1.1 announcement and the fact Dart VM was 2x faster than V8. I hesitated because I like speed, but then I refused again.

However, I had some free time and I saw I dislike something I not even tried. So, it seems a bit stupid to judge it. I did the same thing with Go and JavaScript and these are language I like the most now.

My hobby for now is doing Chrome Apps. I already wrote one or two Chrome Apps and it suits well to my programmer philosophy. They seem to work well, they’re reliable as I like and there’s a lot of nice ideas inside it.

Now, I think it’s time to trying Dart, seeing what it’s worth and enjoying it if I like it, or disliking it…

Now, here’s my questions:
1. If I dive into a language, I want to be into it before it is too late. Today, after learning Dart, can I expect to be able to help evolve Dart? Or the Dart evolution era is over? I like to help things evolving so this question is important to my eyes.

2. As I like Go, I dislike the flaws that Go has thrown away from C++, like it is taxonomic to design types in C++, as says . Go eases the fact of start coding an app and extend it easily, without needing hours of thinking or destroying the world. Despite it is a class‐based language, is there is a lot of these flaws inside Dart?

3. Despite I’m experienced in programming and I learned myself a lot of languages, I would want some human help for a newcomer like me. I know the official Dart website, but is there is other things that I should know? What advices can you give to a newcomer?

4. And last but not least, I feel worried of trying this language. How can you reassure me? I never written really in a class‐based language and I understood well the JavaScript object model who is prototype‐based. I tried class‐based languages, but I didn’t succeded yet.

5. Is there is anyone who coded and liked Go or JavaScript and code in Dart right now? I want to know how they feel in this language.

I know it’s long and there’s a lot of questions, but there’s more in my head because since 4 years I throw away almost every of my programming convictions. 4 years ago, I disliked a lot the idea to do webapps, I hated them, I wanted to code in C/ASM to optimize every line of code, etc, and now I like to do desktop apps with web languages! And trying Dart is throwing away another conviction.

Have a nice day and thanks in advance for the help!
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my 2 cents:

1) it's not too late and there is a great team+community around Dart, but the language structure is almost fixed, if you look at the issue tracker many cool requests are closed quickly with "WontFix". But you can certainly contribute writing libraries (pub packages).

2) I don't know "Go", I come from C# and all the "flaws" I've seen so far in Dart are due the basic philosophy of "optional type annotations" which has great benefits but also other implications you might not like.

4) don't worry, if you worked with JavaScript you'll certainly like Dart because it solves all its problems. There might be two or three cool features of JavaScript that are missing in Dart (like dot notation for maps/objects) but they are marginal. 
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Lunix Watt

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Non mais c’est n’importe quoi.  #absurde
Google a quand même des dizaines de services, ils font du cloud, des offres pour les professionnels, un système de voiture intelligente, un gigantesque moteur de recherche et j’en oublie énormément.

Ça veut dire que #Facebook  et ses services uniquement sociaux ont le potientiel de la moitié de tout les services Google. Choquant quand même.
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"Facebook génère cinq fois moins de chiffre d'affaires et de bénéfices que Google, sa capitalisation boursière n'est que deux fois inférieure à celle de son rival."
En savoir plus sur
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Le cap est symbolique mais, au vu des premiers pas chaotiques de la société en Bourse il y a deux ans, il démontre que le leader des réseaux...
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ou alors les acteurs en bourses ne sont pas rationel... Mais ce n'est qu'une supposition :D.
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Impossible de faire un appel #Hangouts … Selon Google, beaucoup d’utilisateurs ne peuvent pas lancer un appel, notamment en Europe  #HangoutsIsDown  

Des infos sont disponible ici :
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Trying to have a hangout with +Paul Harper and another colleague but hangouts seem to be down...
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Lunix Watt

G+ Tips and Tricks  - 
Hashtag and search separation explained
As you may know, on Twitter and for the first 2 years on Google+, hashtags was only a keyword for search. It was not special, clicking on a hashtag brought you to the search and showed you all posts with this hashtag. So, if you wanted to categorize a post, you added an hashtag (tag = etiquette and hash = #) so your post was labeled as what the hashtag describes. If you add the hashtag USA, you say that your post talks about USA. It gives a context and makes more occasions to find posts talking about a topic.

But Google+ team changed how hashtags is displayed in search. At start, we thought it was a loss of features. In search, you could sort by relevance or by date, you can filter to only show posts from you or from your circles and so on. Here, you can’t.

The new Hashtags are better than that. Firstly, because it shows a list of related hashtags. It’s always a good feature. Secondly, because of the first feature, some posts who have NOT the good hashtag while they are still relevant to the topic displays. And this is a thing I really like and find useful.

Last but not least, if you still want the good old search for your hashtags, only add double quotes (") around your hashtag in the search field and it will give you what you want. ;)

I hope you learned something. Please comment and say what you think about it!
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Ah parce que ça existe vraiment la « perche à #selfie » ? Ils sont narcissiques et cinglés à ce point ?! AAAAAA #effrayé
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La perche à "selfie", étendard moderne du narcissisme qui a tendance à envahir tous les espaces, y compris les musées du monde entier, et à irriter les puristes. #AFP
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Plusieurs musées américains ont déjà décidé d’interdire ce bras télescopique qui permet de se photographier avec son téléphone intelligent.
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#GoogleDrive , Docs, Sheets and Slides est indisponible pour le moment. Il rencontre pas mal de bugs, voir ici : 

Même si la page charge, on ne peut pas créer de documents Google ou voir la miniature des documents Google. Bref, bon gros #bug   #outage  
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Hangouts a maintenant sa propre application Chrome ! Elle fonctionne sur Windows et sur Chrome OS, et elle est indépendante du navigateur, c’est une applicaton comme les autres.

Téléchargez‐là ici ⇨

 +Miss Samantha +Lou Lunel +Emilie Jensen seront interessées !
#Hangouts   #Chrome   #ChromeApps  
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The new Hangouts Chrome App for Chrome OS and Windows gives you easier access to your conversations without needing to keep a browser window open or taking over your desktop. Get it here: 
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Une petite radio rock, avec très peu de pubs, sponsorisé par la NASA, je vous présente Third Rock Radio ! Elle me semble assez sympa avec +OUI FM - ouifm , alors faites‐vous plaisir, écoutez un peu !
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Le vol #MH17  comptait 295 personnes à son bord. Il faisait Amsterdam → Kuala Lumpur. On annonce le crash du Boeing 777 à 15h46 UTC. Second avion disparu de #MalaysiaAirlines  de ces 6 derniers mois. #Crash
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En direct : un avion de la Malaysia airlines s'écrase dans l'est de l'Ukraine
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Un avion de ligne de la compagnie Malaysia airlines s'est écrasé jeudi à la frontière entre l'Ukraine et la Russie. D'après les agences de presse russes, l'appareil a été touché par un missile.
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Tanks u for lnfo . 
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Comme si j’allais vous révéler tous mes atouts !
Contact Information
Went Ahead

Français :
Oubliez la religion, les cultes obscures et le paranormal…Suivez‐moi dans la Lunixologie ! (Ouiiiiiii !!!)

Avec moi, pas besoin de longue bible à lire, ou d’appeler des chasseurs de fantômes très coûteux. Il suffit juste de me suivre sur Google+ et d’interagir ! En plus, comme je suis gentil, vous pouvez m’envoyer un message sur Google+ ou Hangouts quand vous voulez ! Vous voyez, je suis plus cool que toutes ces sectes avec un chef caché super inaccessible…très peu pour moi ! C’est trop démodé :p

Quoi ?! Comment ça vous voulez savoir qui je suis ?! Mais, mais…parce que mes posts parlent pas d’eux‐mêmes ?! Vous voulez que je vous pré-mâche le travail en plus !

Bon, je veux bien vous dire une chose puisque vous avez eu le courage de lire mon profil : J’aime bien regarder la TV. D’ailleurs, j’aurais bien voulu être Top Chef mais ayant cassé plus souvent un ordinateur que des œufs, je suis Top Contributeur sur le forum d’Hangouts. D’ailleurs, vous pouvez aussi me contacter pour vos questions sur Hangouts :p

English: Forget the religion, the dark worships and paranormal…Follow me in the Lunixology! (Yeaaaaah!!!)

With me, no need to read a long Bible, or to call really costly ghost busters. You just need to follow me on Google+ and to engage! In addition, as I’m kind, you can send me a message on Google+ or Hangouts when you want!
You see, I’m more fun than all these worships with an hidden Chef really unreachable…not for me! It’s so outdated :p

What?! You say you want to know who I’m?! But…but, because you thinks my posts doesn’t speak for themselves?! You want me to do all the work too!

Okay, I accept to say you one thing because you’re brave enough to read my profile: I like to watch TV. Then, I would have wanted to be Top Chef but as I broke more computers than eggs, I’m Top Contributor on the Hangouts’ forum. Anyway, you can also contact me for your Hangouts’ questions :p

Bragging rights
Bah moi‐même c’est évident !
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Un litre sur cinq d'eau potable perdu dans des fuites en France

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Emission 13 - Replay du 12 mars - Canapé Quiz - TMC Vidéos

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