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If you want something to happen, the good first step would be to NOT act like if you don't care, and even less to act in the exact opposite of what you want.

If you need do or say something you don't want to, in order to accomplish a personal objective, you're just doing it wrong.

If people just stopped to do that, it would be easier for everyone, and they'll be more frequently satisfied in the end.

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Troubleshooting  - 
Inside Fedora 24 Workstation installation, how to do a low level format for the root partition?

Basically I want to be 100% sure the OS will be stable and bad blocks will be found before there is data on it. Low level format allows us to do so. However Fedora usually reformat root before installation, and probably do a quick format without ever checking for bad blocks.

Doing it afterwards is too late: maybe data has been written at this time into bad blocks, if there is any. Maybe it's unlikely, but I want to avoid the risk. Not count on luck.
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The easiest way to check the disk is boot fedora live open gnome disks then check it with smart data & self tests.As far as using xfs I've been using it along with lvm for quite awhile with no issues at all.
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On croirait lire les news dans SimCity là.
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Paradoxal Alibi de Patricia Bézier
un polar de Patricia Bzir

Écrire un livre sans la lettre E, ce n'est pas une première. En revanche, sur 333 pages, c'est un record !

Extrait :
L’histoire se déroule en huis clos, dans un piano bar. Mais celui-ci est le théâtre de nombreux empoisonnements, vols, agressions. Les personnages y sont donc consignés par la police, jusqu’à la fin de l’instruction.
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ce qui m'étonne surtout, c'est le fait que ça semble si "novateur", alors que Georges Perec a écrit "La disparition" en 1969 sans la lettre e, sur environ 300 pages.
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Argh. Too bad for SpaceX. I couldn't wait to see a recycled rocket launch, and now I don't know when it will happen.

At least, it happened in a test and tests are specifically designed to bring up issues before it's critical.

The rocket exploded during a static fire test before the upcoming launch. No one were injured. The explosion happened at the upper oxygen tank while propellant was filling.

The cause is still unknown though. The Falcon 9, which was not a recycled rocket, carried the Facebook satellite, worth of $200 million, when it exploded. If it launched, it would be one of the biggest launches of SpaceX in terms of payload weight. It was intended to deliver Internet access to Africas countries, for the project.

Elon Musk's Tweet —
LeMonde article — article —
Video found with the help of +nixCraft
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This is a really big cool improvement of Google+: Links & Picture sharing in comments.

Honestly, the most exciting feature since pools available on new Google+.
Bringing the new Google+ to more people

Last November, ( we introduced a preview on web of a fully redesigned Google+ to make it easier for people to discover and connect around unique and interesting things. From a Japanese astronaut sharing his experience in the International Space Station ( to food lovers sharing their passion for breadmaking (, people are using Google+ to explore their interests more than ever.

Since introducing the new version, twice as many Collections are followed per day and there are 1.6 million daily new Community joins. Many of you have also shared feedback and requests, and we’ve been listening (

Today, we’re announcing three new updates for Google+.

First, some new features. You can now have richer conversations by adding links and photos to your comments. We’re also offering Community owners and moderators more control over who posts what with approved posting. Finally, we're launching a new notifications center on the web where you can see and manage your recent activity on Google+. These features will be available across the web, Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

Second, if you haven’t yet previewed the new Google+, over the next few days we’ll upgrade you to the experience when you sign in on the web. You’ll still be able to toggle back to classic Google+ for the time being.

Finally, businesses have told us that they’ve found Google+ to be a valuable way to help employees share ideas and expertise via Collections and Communities, and we’re looking forward to making it available to more organizations. Today, Google Apps users already using Google+ ( will also see the new experience ( when they sign in and in the next few weeks, Google+ will become a core Google for Work service.

From the interesting (, to the surprising (, and the delightful (, we hope Google+ continues to help you discover amazing things from passionate people.
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Google Allo: Only available on mobile devices ⇨ I just hang up. It's just garbage to me right now.

Yes, the overdose effect in my stream quite makes me grumpy.
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I read an article about people being less confident with algorithms than with humans, despite when their global success rate is higher.

They forget something really important: An human would not cross a road if it turns out it is a lake, while a GPS, well…would happily direct you to continue.

When algorithms gets stupid, they might get really, really stupid. Ah and they're stubborn: you can't tell it “You know there's a lake there?”.
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You remember that Google+ announced recently link & image sharing?

Here's a news for you: it also supports video comment sharing via YouTube! By pasting a link to a YouTube video, you'll get a mini-player in your comment!

Well… the player is really tiny, but it's cool!
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Peggy K
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It's been a lot. It's a lot. Honestly it's nice to see all that work on Google+.

I'm kinda satisfied with the new Google+ already, already much more than with the older one. I'm still worried about the number of users, how to bring people we know to it, the content and the kind of content we can find.

In my opinion, a social network is an ecosystem and in general, an ecosystem, to last, needs to be diverse. Google+ is not diverse enough. It needs more kind of content, especially more relaxed, fun content. And then more private content should take place in my opinion. Well, it's impossible to quantify private content since well, it is private, but I'm worried about how much private interactions takes place here.

Also, I wonder if few features, namely Hangouts integration, and seeing new comments/posts edits appear in realtime, will ever appear here. I also find a bit sad the lack of integration in many products I was used to. But that's really nice to see this investment.

Reshare from +Peggy K, but couldn't reshare her comment without a link.
+Luke Wroblewski​ takes us down +Google+​ memory lane The G+ platform has been through a lot of changes during the course of its change reincarnation.… - Peggy K – Google+
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Peggy K
I think you are right about Google+ needing more diversity in content. The Google+ Create program is trying to encourage people who post all sorts of content, but it feels like it's still dominated by tech geekery and photography.
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Discussion  - 
Because of patents, is it okay to use elliptic curves (ECDSA) for my SSH keys in Fedora in 2016? Is the patent problem over?

Basically, Red Hat, because of patent issues, removed from Red Hat Linux Enterprise (RHEL) and #Fedora any code about Elliptic Curves. Few years ago, they removed elliptic curves references inside Go standard library code.

What is the status of this today? Note I'm not asking if I should use elliptic curves or not, but rather if these patent issues is cleared out, including according from Red Hat, or if I should still hold off.
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You can use whichever ones are in enabled in the Fedora package. ie, 'ssh -Q keys' Those ones have been vetted by legal folks.
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Today in Google's news:
New phones named as Pixel, no longer Nexus ⇨ Now, we're going to mix up Chromebook Pixel with Pixel phones, great!

Seriously, is there is one person in charge of branding and coherency?
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Google+ is getting cool with this new feature. I just hope people won't abuse it to lock many communities with delayed moderation before publication.

Things feels so much more instant when they are published well, instantaneously.
Approved Posting in Communities
Today we're rolling out a highly requested feature for Community owners and moderators. On the new Google+ Web, iOS, and Android apps, Communities now have a new "Hold Posts for Review" setting.

With this on, all new posts will be held for review and not visible to Community members until approved by a Community owner or moderator. The MODERATE button will indicate when there's new posts to review. Each post can be approved or rejected manually or each member in the review queue can be banned or auto-approved. Banned members will be removed from the Community and not allowed to join again. Auto-approved members will have their posts automatically show in the future (no approval required).

As always, please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that's the best way to ensure we'll see them. Thanks~
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