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Christian | Husband | Father | Engineer | Photographer
Christian | Husband | Father | Engineer | Photographer

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Great day (happens to be my b-day, too)! Must have been destined to be a Tolkien fan! ;o)
It's Tolkien Reading Day! Today in Middle-earth, Sauron was defeated.

Here are 15 Tolkien quotes about life to inspire you to pick up a Tolkien book and read:


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Scoring a 0 has never felt so good! ;o)

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Be sure to stop by!
Can you help us spread the word? The Grid and our Portfolio Intervention episode is coming up in 1-hour from now.

Also, we'll opening with the show with some insights about Adobe's deal for photographers, and the Creative Cloud in general I haven't heard many folks talking about. Should be a really interesting discussion you don't want to miss. One hour from now --- live --

Finally bit the bullet and became an +Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber. Looking forward to leveraging my +NAPP and subscriptions to bring me up to speed from Abobe CS5 Production Premium. 

I've been putting this off for far too long...

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Should be a blast!
Website Portfolio Critiques Live On The Grid Today

We're changing it up a little today on our weekly live talk show, The Grid (live at 4pm ET at This time we're gonna do website portfolio critiques. We'll take a look at everything from the overall first impact the site has, to the design, the layout, the photos, and the experience a viewer has when looking at the site. 
In addition to +Scott Kelby and I, we're also really psyched to have an in-studio guest +Colby Brown. Colby has been on the show before and he's just got some incredible insights so we're really happy to have him here. 

So here's the deal. It's pretty simple. 
1) These aren't live blind photo critiques where we just look the photos. We'll be looking at your entire website which means you have to have a website portfolio. 
2) Leave a comment here with a (working) link to your website portfolio and we'll do our best to get you on the show. 

Make sure you tune in live at 4pm ET at to get in on the conversation. See you then! :-)

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Can you see it now? ;o)
The Grid Blind Photo Critiques - "Harvest"
5 Photos - View album

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Quite possibly the most fantastic +LEGO set I have ever, ever seen!

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Another year has gone by and the posts for #winterwednesday  have faded away. We saw some really amazing images from all of the fine folks who posted to the theme. Thank you all for sharing your hard work and talent with us!

I've been fairly quiet online as of late due to moving and prepping for a new baby girl, but I want to share a parting image for this season's #winterwednesday .

All the waaaaaay back on April 17th (just a little over a month ago), I took a different route to my previous home during a snowstorm. I knew I would be driving past this old granary and trees that I have always wanted to shoot but have never taken the time to capture.

As the snow was coming down fairly thick and horizontally (thanks, trusty North Dakota wind!), I had a feeling the scene I had in my mind of this locale would be close to reality. As I approached the location I was excited to find I had a great opportunity to achieve my vision.

I pulled my car off the highway as far as I safely could and set up the tripod just a bit further into the ditch. The weather conditions were perfectly preparing the canvas for the image I had in my mind. Unfortunately for my gear, those conditions were thick quarter-sized snow clusters being flung through the air almost horizontally - directly into my lens.

I wiped off the front of the lens as best I could between shots, but it was a doomed effort. By the time the timer hit 0 and the shutter clicked, the UV filter was rife with water droplets. I generally shoot with a polarizer filter or nothing at all, but knowing I would be shooting directly into the horizontal snow, I opted for the UV filter. 

A few captures later I packed up my sopping wet lens cloth and saturated gear with my slightly numbed and stinging fingers and made for the safety or my warm car. I'm glad I stopped that day; so many times I've just kept driving and kicked myself for not trying to get the shot.

One last image for this season's  #winterwednesday  curated by +Antoine Berger and myself.

#plusphotoextract  by +Jarek Klimek 

North Dakota in April

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I'm live!

Announcing my new virtual home:

This is the new resting place of my portfolio and blog:


I've been working on a website refresh (among several other projects) for awhile now. While it's not perfect yet, I figured my 30th birthday was as good  a day as any for a relaunch. 

Stop on by and let me know what you think!
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