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Mary and I feel like gaming this evening, so we're hosting an impromptu games evening (Sat 11/9) at our house in Porter Sq., Somerville starting at 8p. Please contact us directly for address and directions.

Seeking help from the internet. I'm looking for a company which can provide the following service in the Boston area: Move a 5000 lb., 15' long storage container from the street into my front yard. It needs to be moved sideways because of obstructions and needs to be placed onto some sort of supports because the yard has a significant pitch. I'd prefer if such company could provide the supports and ensure they are stable. The companies which provide storage containers don't offer this service and can't recommend anyone to provide it.

I think the right tool is a boom forklift, essentially a forklift on steroids. I have found companies which rent such tools, but not ones who show up with such a tool, move something, and take it away as a single service.

Somerville area friends: I bought 1.3# of monkfish at Whole Foods a few hours ago not realizing it wasn't kosher.  Would anybody like it while it is still fresh?

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Mary figured out where there was a backup so my contacts are back and all I lost was 2 months of photos.

Upgrade to ios6 caused my iPhone to forget all contacts and wipe out the backup on resync. Please send me a message with your contact info if you think I should have it.

Near Boston: seeking to borrow a tent or two* for two people for Baitcon 6/22-6/24. *Sometimes I've found it convenient to have one tent for sleeping and another for stuff, particularly if they are small.

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Back to work after an exhausting, but generally successful, Arisia weekend.

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Took a handful of pictures rather quickly, so some of these are a bit blurry.
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