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Cristina Mandujano
Life + style blogger. Oldies music enthusiast. Most likely to be found in the Target dollar spot or having a Beyonce dance party.
Life + style blogger. Oldies music enthusiast. Most likely to be found in the Target dollar spot or having a Beyonce dance party.


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Hey there, gal pal! Thanks for coming to the blog! I've actually moved to a new home and you can come visit me here - See you there! X, Cristina

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What It's Like To Travel With a College Sports Team
In looking at my life lately, I was thinking of what story I could share. Considering I've been traveling every weekend to different cities/states, I thought it would be fun to share more about that. (And it would explain my crazy tweets about me sitting in...

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Recipes for the Busy Girl on a Budget
I just want to make a healthy meal, but I don't want it to take forever. I have to study/go to meetings/sleep/be social and making ahi tuna tacos with a side of quinoa and roasted asparagus just isn't going to fit my schedule. Know what I mean? Like I menti...

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I Am So Done
Man, does anyone else feel worn out?  Yesterday evening, I finally pried myself away from my computer long enough to make a proper dinner. Downstairs, my roommates were burning a Japanese Cherry Blossom candle and I literally started crying. Wait, Cristina,...

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How I Budget and Save as a College Student
I like to go out to get tacos. I love grabbing coffee with a friend and chatting for hours. I like to visit the grocery store once a week and stock up on some staples for some easy, healthy meals. And all this costs me. I really don't spend that much, and I...

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Style Your Desk (for $30 or less!)
When I was little, I used to decorate my desk with pictures from my Discovery Girl magazines and the stickers I got from the doctor's office. I've always had the mentality that if your desk is going to be a part of your room, you should dress it up and make...

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Last Minute Valentine's Gifts Under $10
You've either suddenly been invited to a girl's night for Valentine's day or you've been so busy you forgot to get your significant other something. Even if you don't fall into either of these categories, I think you'll want to save these ideas for a rainy ...

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Stand Out on Social Media
I have never received a pitch email that begins, "Hi, found your blog while aimlessly surfing the web." No. It usually goes a little something like this: "Hi, stumbled across your Instagram page and we think you'd be perfect for..." or "Found your blog thro...

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Everyone Needs Valentine's Day
I didn't think of Valentine's Day as a "couples" holiday until the 3rd grade. My elementary school had an annual roller skating party just a couple weeks before the holiday, and it was pretty much the biggest event of the year. At this point, if a boy thoug...

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Why You Should Start a Blog/Business Young
I don't know with definite research that it helps your business to start while your young, but I do know that it helps you as an individual. When I first started my blog, I knew my way around the computer, I was a quick typer and I had taken one creative wr...
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