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Lovely google doodle
Don't care how tenuous the link is. There's only one thing I could write about on the +FirstFound  blog today.

My favourite writer ever gets a Google doodle? Of course I'm going to crowbar it into a blog post. Or make it the centrepiece of a blog post. One of the two.


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Why is Jesus Christ an apple tree? Why is the Brussels Ring Road so odd? How do you make a dead chicken from a restaurant napkin?

The Post this week is informative, challenging, puzzling, and mysterious. Read all about it.

Bad Deal for a Post Office
Witter from Where the Earth Moves
Colours of Wildlife
Writing Right with Dmitri

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The h2g2 Front Page is out. New and classic entries in the ever-expanding Guide to Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Operation Thunderbolt - Raid on Entebbe: The story of a daring raid by Israeli commandos to free hostages from a hijacked airliner.

How to Make Salt Dough Decorations:
An inexpensive, safe and fun activity for creative children. There's plenty of time to perfect your technique before next Christmas comes around!

Disability: An entry to make us think about disability and equality in society.Like · · Share · about an hour ago

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On this week's h2g2 Front Page:

Find out how to sum up your life in just 47 lines,
Learn to grow and use lettuce,
Discover the story behind some truly shocking Olympic Stuff

Over the holidays there were two h2g2 Announcements:

1) Friday 30 December, 2011: h2g2 Announcements

2) Sunday 1 January, 2012: h2g2 Announcements Happy New Year

Happy New Year

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Brand new entries on Langley and Homer Collyer, Snobbery and Sculling - John B Kelly's Olympic Gold, and The Blue Cross Animal Charity, all on the h2g2 Front Page.

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