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Really thinking of ending the Linux experiment on my home desktop. It was great for the half year it was installed, but it's been a constant fight to do things that are simple in Windows. I don't have time to be reading forum after forum and editing .conf files just to do simple tasks.
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Yeah, I'm tired of having to dick around with stuff just to get it working. Linux is great and I love it but it's not for this family's computer.
We've had Ubuntu running on our main PC for almost 8 months (too cheap to buy Windows, too moral to use a 'free' copy)... It's run pretty solid for the entire time, although I still have an old netbook running windows for things I absolutely cannot figure out how to do in Ubuntu. Of course, my uses are pretty simple... Web surfing, word processing, music, etc.... I also play around with Asterisk a bit... So far, so good!
never thought I'd hear you say that though!
Yeah, for the most part I love it. Steph, not so much. I thought I could use GIMP for photo editing, but as much as the zealots will try to convince you it is nowhere near Photoshop. Ubuntu does everything that I need.. it's quick and stable.

But... updates do break things, for a while certain keys on my keyboard wouldn't work, VMWare stopped working one day until I un/reinstalled it. Other mysterious things would either change or stop working. Then one day it "undoes" itself. Who knows...

Now too, some kids toys are meant to be connected to the computer to get new stuff put on them (songs, words, etc. etc.) and you can't do that in Linux. We can't connect our Kobo and use it in Linux. I can't get on the Huggies website to redeem our points in Linux. I know.. that's the web developer's problem, but try convincing a huge company to support what's, in their view, a niche OS. Our iPad won't work *fully* in Linux. Virtualizing Windows to do all these things seems senseless.. why not just go back to Windows?

I could go on if you like...
Can't blame you for wanting everything to just work. I still use xp to play games and use proprietary devices, etc so I can hear where you are coming from... best tool for the job and all that.

That being said, I'm sorry to hear you can't make GIMP work. I haven't used photoshop in over a decade.

Also, you should be able to do browser spoofing to redeem the huggies points. Might have to install konqueror or something unconventional though.
+Hugh Merz Your last paragraph sums it up. I know that I can get it working, I just don't want to have to geek out to do it.
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