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Why do some people break out in cold sweats when issued the job of buying wine and specifically, what do people dislike most about the selection process? Overwhelmingly the answer is: there is not enough information!
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Wine Travel - Where do you go?

Do you plan trips around visiting wineries and tasting wine?

You are definitely not alone!  According to people keeping track of the statistics over 5 million people now visit "just" Napa and Sonoma...and there are dozens of other key areas in California attracting many visitors.

I have seen crowded tasting rooms up and down the east coast and Oregon and Washington (state) are both doing very well when it comes to attracting wine drinkers.  I bet that it is probably upwards of well over 20 million American wine drinkers have gone into and tried wines in a tasting room someplace within one of the 50 states.

It always seems that once they start wine drinkers gets "hooked" and just continues going to other wine regions...the sense of discovery of new wines and even on occasion a new grape that you never tasted before.

Yet now that I have visited European wineries on a number of trips it was vastly different for me.  I reached out to a good friend (Thomas Riley) who recently (2013) went around the world with his wife and visited wineries in a number of countries (not just in Europe - they also went to Australia and New Zealand).  He confirmed for me what I felt.  Visiting wineries outside the US gives you a perspective that you just can't get here.

Although the number of wine tour operators offering wine tours to Americans are increasing (as is the ability to reach them with tour pictures on places like Facebook and Pinterest) the percentage of Americans going overseas is still small even among those who visit American wineries.  Once more of us make that journey the culture of wine drinking in America will expand like never before.

For American wineries, I think once people start to expand their palates they will return to the US drinking more wine than ever and that will be good for business.

If you are a wine drinker who has made an overseas trip to wineries where would you suggest other wine drinker start?
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The +Reverse Wine Snob: Falesco Merlot Umbria 2010 - Just Drink It. BULK BUY! Yes it's 100% Merlot and yes it's delicious.
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