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Samuel Swinton
Web Developer with a Passion for Business
Web Developer with a Passion for Business
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In case anyone is interested.

I'm making a newsletter where I test methods of passive income generation while still being a full time employee. If you are interested in signing up just send an email to Follow along and see if anything actually works!

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I've picked up one of my old hobbies: studying the Civil War!  Here is a neat video about Picket's Charge.  It covers questions like 'What happened?', 'Was Gettysburg really an important battle?' and 'Did Lee have another plan?'

+Lazy Game Reviews What recording software would you recommend for a beginner?

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$0 trade commissions on stocks? I like!

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Well I am glad that isn't true. It would be really sick if that were a requirement of the proposed bill.
The email targets the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act," which was introduced by New Jersey Republican Chris Smith in May 2013. Duffy, the GOP congressman who represents central Wisconsin, was one of 167 Republican co-sponsors; there were also four Democratic co-sponsors. That version would have prohibited taxpayers from claiming a medical expense deduction for an abortion, except in cases of rape or incest -- leading some critics to decry so-called "rape audits." The bill did not actually include requirements for audits, so PolitiFact Wisconsin rated the claim False.

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Wow, this is incredible. I caution everyone against promoting your page on Facebook.

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New Free Fonts

Redesigning your website and need some fonts? No need to pay, here are some nice free ones.
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