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Carlo Carmagnini
I live on planet Earth. Since I was born.
I live on planet Earth. Since I was born.

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Impressive animation showing the growth of OpenStreetMap in 10 years.

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Here it is, the tablet #Mozilla Foundation provided to 500 developers around the World as part of their Firefox OS Contribution Program. The project of which I am part of aims at building an open source operating system for tablets, starting from the #FirefoxOS version that already exist for smartphones. I have received the tablet yesterday (an InFocus New Tab F1 made by Foxconn) , I upgraded it to the latest build and I have begun filing bugs. In the next weeks, I'll post news about the development here on Google+, in my shrinking spare time. Happily, Mozilla hasn't got a "non-disclosure policy" as most of the other software houses, everything is public, not just the source code.

With my efforts I hope being able to contribute to this project, mostly on bug hunting and localization. From my prospective it will be a burdensome but stimulating task, as I've already noticed that there are really great developers involved, much more proficient than me regarding mobile, tablets and operating systems. I have no previous experience regarding Firefox OS, or Android, in fact I don't even have a real smartphone, still using an old Nokia 6120 classic []. Of the 500 developers involved in this project, we Europeans are a minority (in Italy we should be just five people if I remember correctly), many are from the USA, but the largest part is from India. None of us involved in the Tablet Contribution Program is a Mozilla employee, as they are busy with Firefox OS for smartphones.
Firefox OS and Mozilla's Tablet Contribution Program
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I just installed CentOS 6.3 on an old Pentium III 550Mhz with 320MB RAM. It wouldn't install without a trick, due to the low RAM. I used a LiveCD and the procedure described in the linked source to force the installation. This machine will be used as a development server to test web sites and CMSs to be hosted in shared hosting, so they must perform well with low hardware resources. The installation went fine and everything seems to work, at the moment.
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