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Not sure if color is better than b/w for this shot so I'm posting both.

What do you guys think?

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Love it like this. Gives it more character!
Always My Pleasure D. DeMonteverde
Try increasing the contrast on the black and white so it is more about the lines. The colour seems more busy. It is just what you get used to looking at. I prefer the B&W for this one.
Apple store in New York City, allways a magic place. I liked the vignette effect +D. DeMonteverde .One alternative rendering you could try is B&W painting the apple in Red, that probably would turn out cool isnt it?
that's the word I was looking for: "drama" +D. DeMonteverde Nice to see the 2 versions! All is fine at this side of the big pond although we are still waiting for Summer. It keeps raining and temperature won't rise. Cali is a better place right now :-D
I was about to visit the States next month but changed plans. And now that July is approaching I feel like I'm gonna miss a big chance. Hope to have more time (at least 3 weeks) to cruising around again +D. DeMonteverde Let's have a coffee together on one of those roof tops ;-)
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