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The Had Him Cornered in a Canyon -- Hillsborough, CA
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Delicate & gorgeous +D. DeMonteverde.  Thanks.
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Haven't posted in a while but thought to share this with the #fourwheeledfriday team +StPaul Herrmann +Baba Schmitz +Kimberly Tweed +Virgil Cowen +Four Wheeled Friday

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Hey, thank you for the warm welcome, +Baba Schmitz 
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Your image celebrate the beauty of everyday things dear +D. DeMonteverde !
Thanks a lot for your contribution to #everydaythings  .
Wishing you  wonderful weekend!
~ Boba Musura ~
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D. DeMonteverde

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Anyone interested in joining?
Beauty in Ordinary Things
I have sold my kit zoom lens. No more wide angle sunset/sunrise shots. I want to see beauty in ordinary things that is all around us all the time but we don't see because we are absorbed in thought or action. I am doing this for myself but if anyone of you fine photographer artists would like to join me and do a collaborative project, please let me know.

The product: One single photo every week of beauty in ordinary things from everyday life for six months (well, 24 weeks). Each week will have a theme. It doesn't have to be shared publicly (but can be). It's easy because it's one photo per week, but it's also hard, because it will last 24 weeks. In the end we can compile these into a collaborative gallery on a website.

You can use film or digital. In order to collaborate we have to agree on some standards of beauty. Now, it's true that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but there are some broad universal standards of beauty as well. If you think a pile of rotting garbage (or anything that would be revolting to the general populace) is beautiful or worth photographing that's great but please excuse yourself from this as we will not be able to collaborate.
Second, you know by now that I love using my phone to take photos (I might even overdo it!) but this project is not for phone cameras. You need something you can manually control for exposure, aperture, ISO etc. Manual mode is ideal, at the very least use aperture priority. No auto program settings.

As I said, I am doing this for myself, but if any of you would like to join please let me know. If there a lot of takers, we can even pair off people as partners.

Also, it would be great if you kindly reshared this post.

#beautyeverywhere #silentbeauty #24weeks

The photo below is a fence. You may not like it, or even notice it. But I was standing there waiting for a friend and I found the wrought iron pattern beautiful, especially the texture of the metal. If you find things like this interesting, you and I might be able to collaborate.

Thanks for reading. Please pass it along.
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sounds like fun
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How delicate they look! Great picture! +D. DeMonteverde 
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D. DeMonteverde

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Scene from a Birthday Card -- San Francisco, CA
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Chicken & Waffles

My first try!

There are two versions... this one with fried chicken is American soul food. There is the Pennsylvania Dutch version which has gravy.

#foodfriday curated b +Natty Netsuwan a +Moon Lee ee and myself

#ddfoodie #ddphotos
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D. DeMonteverde

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D. DeMonteverde

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The soft shell crab sandwich was good but those homemade chips were to die for!

#foodfriday curated by +Natty Netsuwan +Moon Lee and myself, +D. DeMonteverde

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D. DeMonteverde

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Loved the miso dressing that came with the salad.

#foodfriday curated by +Natty Netsuwan +Moon Lee and myself, +D. DeMonteverde

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Thanks +Grace Monte de Ramos! It also was nicely arranged
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Have her in circles
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San Francisco Bay Area
I'm a hobby photographer.  With a camera always on hand I love capturing the world around me.  My interests: all things San Francisco, food and classic cars.

Every Friday, I curate a theme on food, #foodfriday, alongside my team mates +Natty Netsuwan, +jenn Oliver and +Moon Lee

Besides photography, I'm on a quest to discover other communities on G+.  Interests: tech and tech for social good, healthy food talk, history, science.  I shop local, and love discovering hidden gems in tucked-away places. 

With a background in tech, I help non-profits get up to speed on technology and give presentations on social media for social good.   

I participate in the +G+ membership

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