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Need Help!!
We have pushed a google site template to 100 students. The students are the owners of the site. How do we use siteMaestro to grab the links of the students and see the last updated activity. 

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Formative runs on any internet connected device and is optimized for any 1:1, BYOD, flipped or blended classroom. A great way to give INSTANT feedback. 

Do anyone have Cards that says "park your devices " and other transitions for a BYOD program.
I need help with these signs

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First Aid and CPR training for Health Class students. 
I am proud to say my school provides me with all the knowledge that I need for college. With lots of options, it's hard choosing which area to study and pursue as a profession - one of these areas is medicine. I have always wondered how to save a person’s life and the crucial moment between life and death.
For a week, we not only had CPR training, but rather a short course about certain health emergencies. CPR stands for (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and "is a lifesaving technique that is useful in many emergencies, including heart attack or near drowning, in which someone's breathing or heartbeat has stopped."
Doctor Amany Abdul Magid, ISG Dammam's very own doctor, taught us an acronym so we wouldn't forget the correct process to proceed with in case of finding an unconscious person, and that acronym is DR. CAB (Compressions Airway and Breathing). The first step is to check for surrounding's danger and make sure that your area is safe enough for you to be able to help save the person in question. After that, you must check for a response, usually by strongly tapping their shoulders and asking if they are okay, if no response is given, then you must proceed to ask someone to call the emergency hotline and find an AED (automated external defibrillator) machine. After that you should check for pulse and breathing, if there is no sign of either, then you proceed with CPR. However, if there is pulse, you shouldn't perform CPR.
You begin by performing 30 compressions at a fast rate, then you make sure the airway is clear before administering the mouth-to-mouth breathing, preferably with some protective barrier like a tissue between you and the victim. It is important to block their nose so that the air doesn't escape through it. After repeating the cycle for 5 times, you perform a reassessment. If the victim is showing signs of recovery, then you move them to their side, which is called the recovery position. Of course, each step has important details and must be performed carefully to be considered for the CPR to work properly and not hurt the victim instead by mistake.
To sum it up, I believe that we all learned that, it is not as easy as depicted in movies or simple as we thought, it is actually much more difficult in real life. We need to practice this procedure often so as not to forget any important steps.
Written by: Yara Sami Gr. 11
HS Health Class (Mrs. Leeya Harris)

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Added photos to EdTechTeam Saudi Arabia Summit ft. Google for Education.

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A great day of learning and presenting at GAFE summit Saudi Arabia. #isglearns #gafesummit 

Need help and suggestions in creating a 360 degree  video for a school event. Not too sure how to do it. 

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Gather around, class. Here's everything that happened with Google Apps in September
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Tightening the Feedback Cycle:    Why give feedback to students?
A great read for all teachers about how to give good feedback and the tech tools that helps us.   #feedback  

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Google classroom Language problem in Arabic can be handled  by adding Arabic  language to your input languages in your browser settings and keep it at low priority. That is a less tacky fix and you don't need to add ?hl=en every time you visit the website. Not too sure whether it works for other languages. 
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