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+Jason Cordova Unfortunately, a work situation came up today which leaves me unable to attend the RPL Dungeon World Game tonight (and very sad). 

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The Black Hack gets a mention on the Reviews from R'lyeh Christmas Dozen 2016 list.

This might be an obvious suggestion so I apologize up front. But what if Black Hack monsters were written more to emphasize free form nature of TBH instead of mimicking the traditional D&D AC-to-hit, make saves, then apply damage.

So instead of:
Giant Scorpion- claw (1d6), claw (1d6), stinger (1d8), CON or poison. (which is essentially 3 STR checks and a CON save)

Its now:
Giant Scorpion- Check STR (1d6), STR (1d6), DEX (poison for 2d6 [or other new status effects])
(which is now 2 STR checks, DEX check, CON save)

My main thrust, I think, is more about having monsters check more of a player's stats up and down the line than just STR/DEX for melee & range.

Maybe large "phyla" of monsters have a tendency to check different stats more than others.

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I was curious about the overall hit percentage of The Black Hack to-hit Overwhelming +0 versus to-hit AC 10 in 5e (with and without the beginning +2 bonus).

Its seems that around STR 10-12, both systems are very similar however at the extremes TBH is more always-hit or always-miss.

I think my math is alright, but if someone has a fancy way to do the math, I'd love to see the results.

+Courtney Campbell How do you structure a Perdition campaign, in particular the devil hierarchy that is mentioned throughout Perdition.

Yoon-Suin is one of my favorite OSR books and I wondered if you have a similar system for campaign generation for Perdition.

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+Jason Cordova 's musing about a possible Gauntlet-Con or at least a large presence at GenCon echoes the feeling of this post. Zak believe's that the DYI scene is in prime position for a take over of the RPG scene from the "big players".

Here is the character sheet I made as I try to round up some players for Perdition. Love world/system and was amaze how well you get a picture of world via its mechanics. I think its a sleeper hit- a true first of its class as a "third wave clone".

Oddly perfect for a group split between (A) "Let's kill everything" and (B) "Let's build a power political faction".

EDIT: As per suggestions below, a corrected version:

As I understand it, Advantage/Disadvantage works out to be equal to +5/-5 on a roll. So could that be a sorta upper limit for player encounters that they could win (Monster HD = Adv PC HD +5)? I like the Overwhelming Opponents rule because it scales so easily in my head, but I was thinking about the actual math.

Related, one easy way to award experience might be:
Experience = (Monster HD - PC HD)* 100. That way anything equal or less than their level would, logically, not really help them be better.

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I loved The Black Hack so much I converted my 5e D&D group to it immediately. In doing so, I had to provide class alternatives loosely inspired by 5e classes to my players. Here's that result: The Eight of Wands

Barbarian- d20 damage rolls operating around the Use Die
Ranger- Two-weapon fighting, a pet, and Adv. tracking
Smuggler- A duelist able to generate money for the party 
Poisoner- Player-defined effects captured in various tonics
Paladin- Can influence initiative and ignore Overwhelming Opp.
Druid- Centers on transformation augmented with storm calling
Sorcerer- Body is a living spell book mutating spells therein
& Warlock- Can ask of the master (the DM) for a price

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Once again WotC demonstrates the power of great art. If you need more art work for your Lamentations or Ravenloft campaign look no further than Magic's new Innistrad (see the joke) set.
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