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Once a year there is an event at the Sacramento Zoo that is unlike any other. After weeks of preparation, zookeepers and veterinarians are mobilized for the annual Flamingo Roundup! At the roundup, each of the Zoo’s 36 Caribbean Flamingos receives an annual health checkup. Read the Zoo News (linked below) for the whole story and visit the Zoo this Thursday between 9 and 10:30 am to see a flamingo exam in action.

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Dr. Jenessa Gjeltema, Associate Veterinarian at the Sacramento Zoo, has repeatedly shown her dedication, passion, and compassion when caring for the Zoo’s animals and making welfare her top priority. Read about here on the Zoo Blog, linked below.

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Did you know that Kampala Cafe at the Zoo diverts their food waste from the landfill? Partnering with Atlas Disposal, the leftover food scraps are made into clean natural gas to power fleet vehicles in Sacramento! Read the Zoo News linked below for the whole story.

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Happy Hedgehog Day! Even though Groundhog Day is more well-known, the original ancient holiday started as hedgehog day. But since groundhogs are native to North America, and hedgehogs are not, it was switched.

To celebrate Hedgehog Day, we introduce four new prickly Animal Ambassadors! Read the Zoo News linked below to meet Jackalberry, BaoBab, Thistle & Briar.

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Thanks to Sacramento Press for designing this cool year-in-review infographic!

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In part five of a series documenting the arthritis treatment of Goody the Reticulated Giraffe, we show the activity tracker she wears and tell you how it helps the zookeeper and veterinary staff monitor her progress and adjust her treatment. Read the blog, linked below, for the whole story! 

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You can now catch a glimpse of three endangered Thick-billed Parrot youngsters as they start to emerge from their nest boxes. The chicks were born in August and stay inside the nest box until around two months of age. Juveniles have white beaks in contrast the the black beaks of the adult birds.

The Sacramento Zoo has been a home to this species since 1975 and is the most successful zoo in the world to breed Thick-billed Parrots. These chicks represent the fourth generation of successful breeding of an endangered species at the Sacramento Zoo. Thick-billed Parrots are the only parrot native to the United States, but loss of habitat due to deforestation and fires drove them out of Southern Arizona and New Mexico in the early 1920s.

Read the blog, linked below for the full story! 

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The Sacramento Zoo is excited to welcome Eastern Bongos back to our Zoo! You can see Sukari, who is just under 2 years old, between the Red River Hog exhibit and the Conservation Carousel.

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Enjoy late summer nights and discounted admission!

Everyone enjoys child-priced admission to the Sacramento Zoo starting at 4 pm on Thursdays in August for Family Deal Nights. Last admission at 7:30 pm, Zoo grounds close at 8:30 pm.

As the evenings begin to cool, bring the family and grab a picnic basket or purchase dinner in Kampala Café as you enjoy a stroll through the Zoo.

**Everyone pays the child admission fee of $7.75 (Zoo members get in free)
**Café and concessions open for dinner
**Conservation Carousel, Zoo Train Ride and Kilimanjaro Climb are open!
**Giraffe Encounter at 6:15 pm

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THANK YOU to everyone who supported the Zoo on May 3rd and 4th by donating, sharing, liking and posting!

Despite technical issues on May 3rd, the Sacramento Zoo made the best of the Big Day of Giving thanks to patient and perseverant donors! The silver lining was speaking with so many donors throughout the day that wouldn’t let the difficulties stop them from supporting the Zoo!

We are still working on the donation, matching gift and overall totals due to the technical hiccups and will update this page soon! Regardless, millions were raised for 570 local nonprofits and we’re proud to be part of this day in philanthropy. From our spokesbird Charlie and the rest of the #SacZoo team, we extend a heartfelt THANK YOU!
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